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How to Stay Content This Christmas

No more comparison Christmases! I have two simple ways you can stay content and grateful this season (and throughout the year).


  • Stephanie

    I and thankful for having time to play games with extended family on Christmas Day and for the health of my husband & children.

  • Mitzi Bradley

    I am grateful for the contentment post! I am on task to be totally debt free. I am less than 4k to be there! I did not charge Christmas gifts and overspend this year. I am so close and feeling determined and content!

    You and your dad are my inspiration and teachers! Thank you!

  • Joanne Adams

    I am grateful for my husband and 6 children.

  • I am thankful for my job that allows me to be off prior to Christmas until after the New Year and still get paid!

  • Karen

    My job – I love my co-workers, the perk of no micro-management and the paycheck, which isn’t great but does make my mortgage payment.

  • Michelle

    A gratitude journal. What a splendid idea!