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I Share my Life Story!

In today’s video, I tell you a little about myself and my back story.


  • Calc

    Check out a local Toastmaster’s club to refine and practice your public speaking skills as a local hobby.

  • Jennifer Moore

    Hi Rachel Cruze – really enjoy your videos and saw you speak at Business Boutique last year in TN! Like you, I didn’t have a hobby, and always wanted to have a “thing” that was something I did outside work. Three years ago my husband encouraged me to try out sewing and he taught me how to use our machine. It has completely changed my life and has provided something that I LOVE. You don’t have to be “crafty” to pick it up at all, and it’s such a useful skill to have – I can make gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc… Also, since you obviously have a passion for fashion – imagine being able to make your own clothes and for Amelia! (Quilting in particular is a blast and you can make bedding and home decor items) I would have NEVER imagined sewing/quilting being something I could do, and now I’m doing it!