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I’m Giving Away Gifts for My Birthday!

Subscribe to my Youtube channel or for you current subscribers, share this video on social to be entered to win all these amazing products. Happy Birthday to me!


  • Ruzella “Ru” Wagner

    How fun! Thank you and happy birthday!

  • Amber Avary Tyson

    Happy happy birthday. I think the best part is the books and the target is just a bonus!!

  • Bobbie Jo Smith

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

  • Amy Kennedy

    Subscribed! Happy birthday!

  • Ashley N. Stantz Trotter

    Shared, happy birthday!

  • Nia Nicole

    Just subscribed!

  • Karl S Dammann

    feliz cumpleaños although feliz navidad works too. Such a party!!

  • Kimberlee

    Happy Birthday Rachel! Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for all your inspiration and wisdom!

  • Starla Cisson Rudley

    Happy Birthday, may god bless you with many more years.

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday, love you and your Dad. I was lucky enough to have an Aunt tell me about your Dad and give me his book when I was 19 (shhhh….20 years ago) and I am so grateful! As a Mom to 3 we would love this to help our quest in teaching our kids good money habits 😉

  • Beth cacace

    Shared on fb happy blessed day

  • Lorenzo Mallnhawk

    your one wish I would guess is seeing that Prince just died at 57 and your Dad is 54, you wish your Dad will be in your life for a very LONG…LONG….LONG TIME! Never let a day go by w/o saying I love you!

  • Ronda Cook Fouch

    Shared on Facebook

  • Norma Ortega

    Subscribed and Feliz Navidad to you too!

  • Debbie Kravel-Thompson

    Happy Birthday. Let us know what frugal things you will be doing.

  • Pat Murray

    Hope it was a Happy day!

  • iblani

    Happy BDay to YOU & to me & to my twin brother ! ! !

  • Laura Twombly

    Happy birthday!

  • Subscribed! Happy birthday!

  • Juan Hernandez Jr.

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Jacqui Laughlin

    Happy Birthday Rachel May you have a wonderful day and God bless you with a wonderful year!

  • tracy simms

    AWESOME! have funn

  • Rachel Wight

    Hippy birdie to ewe (taken from my fav author Sandra Boynton) from one Rachel to another!!

  • Starrbuxfrk45

    Happy Birthday Rachel!

  • Sherry Shoup

    Happy Birthday Rachel!

  • T Dayton

    Happy Birthday Wishes to Ms Rachel

  • Chari Gordon

    I can use all the help I can get! Hope it was a very happy birthday…thanks for sharing, what a way to give back.

  • Gloria Go

    and it was my birthday yesterday !! April 29 !! wow !!! happy birthday to us !!

  • Tonna

    Mine and my husband’s 40th birthdays are coming up!! Happy birthday to you Rachel!

  • Natasha Dickens

    Hello! How do we find out the winners? Which comment section are you referencing? Thank you!