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It’s Party Time!

Exactly one year ago today Smart Money Smart Kids launched! So much hard work from so many people went into making this book a success, so help me thank them and celebrate with them! If you still haven’t purchased Smart Money Smart Kids, order today at!


  • Kristen Miles

    First of all, great video! You guys seem to have a really great time doing your amazing jobs! But most importantly, thank you for writing a book that has really changed the trajectory of our family. Our kids are winning with money in a way that we never thought was possible. We are hopeful that they will be able to avoid some of the messes that we are digging our way out of, they are on a good track. So thank you!!

  • Happy Birthday. Super duper congratulations. Your book is impacting many families now and it will continue 20 years from now. What a team!!! What a blessing to work there. Big hugs to you and everybody there.