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My 3 Favorite Fall Fashion Tips

I absolutely love fall because it gives me so many options when it comes to fashion! In fact, I’m so excited about it, I want to give you guys three of my favorite fall fashion tips.
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  • Kelli Hogg

    I would love to see you post pics of how many different outfits you can get out of your sweater, tee, and scarf combos!

  • Theresa Wallace-Lopez

    I love to raid my husband’s closet. Why buy a boyfriend shirt when you can wear it for free? I also love to pull togethet a casual outfit with an oversized blazer. Plaid flannels and wool blazers from HIS closet. That’s my fall fashion….

  • Kayla

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you style your maternity wear! I’m on baby number 5 and maternity clothes can be so expensive. I’ve just resolved to the idea I won’t be concerned about fashion during my later months!

    • Leslie Williams

      As my belly got bigger with baby #3 and #4, I started wearing colorful tank tops. They would fit nicely over the belly, then you can dress it up with cardigans! You could wear leggings with a long shirt. 😉 Congrats!

    • Brooke Kajihiro Mann

      Palazzo pants are in style now and the fold over waist band makes them a great maternity pant you can wear during and after pregnancy.

  • Karen

    I don’t like to wear scarves because I’m short and they don’t look good on me, but I love to wear vests with button-ups or sweater dresses with tights and boots.

  • Jennifer

    Tights, boots, dresses and sweaters. I wear the same dresses to work that I did in the summer (paired with a thin sweater and sandals) in the winter (paired with tights, boots and thicker sweater). It makes my outfits last longer. Plus, I stick to the same neutral color scheme (with pops of pattern) so that everything goes together and looks classic.

  • Rachel McClure Burk

    I bought a couple of wide, leather, waist belts (one black, one brown) on clearance last year and am learning to pair them with some of my shirts and sweaters. It gives those “old” pieces a whole new feel and look.

  • Cheryl Stuart

    I saw a life hack somewhere about cutting the sleeves off of old sweaters to make leg warmers to pair with boots!

  • julia

    Old socks, cut them to make the boot socks or even tall socks work to add some fancy style and statement between your pants and boots. Don’t buy anything new! Check pinterest for some awesome ways to make them from old clothes. Its crazy how much you can use old clothing for! Enjoy! 🙂

  • fiscally

    Fleece lined leggings! They’ve helped me transition my wardrobe from summer, and they’re so cozy! And they’re stretchy so they accommodate my growing baby bump.

  • Cheri

    What kind of makeup do you use?? I use a mixture of drugstore and department store brands, basically whatever looks pretty and fits into my budget. Just curious about what you use and what your opinion is of drugstore brands vs. department store brands, thanks!

  • amber

    Thrift stores and consignment shops have been very helpful with staying on a budget for me.

  • Megan

    Sweater dresses or skirts with tights, leg warmers, entangle necklaces within infinity scarves (gives a subtle pop) You can actually purchase scarves with necklaces “built” in. Keeps it from being too bulky and is still warm and fashionable. Cut up cheap socks that are long and transform them into arm warmers!

  • Lisa Murphy

    But she’s wearing tori burch.

  • Grace

    Blazers, blazers, blazers! JCrew Factory has been a favorite place of mine to pick up classic, but not too expensive finds. Love them!