Debt-Free Living

My 3 Goals for the New Year

Here are three things I want to accomplish in 2016. Of course, staying on track with budgeting made the list!

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  • Stephanie

    I’m stealing your goal about being present. I’ve been shutting my laptop once work is done and leaving my phone at the door when I get home….because time and family are precious. Another goal is to pay of 40k of debt this year. Student loans stink like Limburger cheese!

  • Ashee

    We have the same goals. That’s funny.


    Hello Rachel,
    I am working on the gratitude area too. I have a beautiful blue jar in which I place a note of what I am grateful for that day. The purpose is to have the jar full by the end of the year and read it then (or whenever you are not feeling grateful ) as a reminder of all the great things God has blessed me with. Loved the video and many blessings in this New Year!

  • My goals for 2016 is to, fix our credit, stay on budget. And save save save

  • Our first goal is to pay off our house. Next goal is to spend more time playing board games with the kids. Last goal is to sell lots and lots of my self published books about The Underground Toy Society.

  • Dani Dickman

    “It is not 50/50 its 100%!” I really needed that, thanks, Rachel!

  • My Goals
    1. Finish baby step 2 by June.
    2. Increase my Jamberry business.
    3. Start running again.