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My 4 Favorite New Mom Essentials!

Here are four things that have been so helpful during my first few months of being a new mom! What are your baby or mom essentials? Let me know in the comments!


  • Carrie Lynne Cook

    Can you do a post on thrifty ideas for nursing wear for new mom’s? I don’t want to spend a bunch on nursing tops.

    • Jennifer Wells

      The best for nursing are the nursing tanks at target under your regular shirts. They keep you covered while nursing but you can just wear regular shirts!

  • Sarah Alves

    Thank you for sharing, Rachel! Looking up the Rock & Play now!

  • Laura Zaborski

    I wholeheartedly agree with your 4 essentials. I am having my 3rd baby and I have learned with each one which things I need, and which were not really necessary. I would add, especially now that we have multiple children, that shopping second hand is wonderful! (to refer to the lady asking for tips) Join mommy/garage sale sites and shop in consignment stores. You would be amazed at how many things you can find brand new for 1/3 of the cost. It’s much less upsetting when your 2 1/2 year old cuts a hole in her dress when you only spent $1 on it instead of $10 or more. 🙂 Many consignment stores carry maternity items. My theory is that if I can wash or disinfect it, buying second hand is a great way to save!

  • Sara

    I am expecting baby #4. The thing you have to have if you have more than 1 is a carrier. I have tried it all my favorite is a Tula ring sling and a Tula structured carrier. They give you extra hands! So worth the money. Another can’t live without is burp rags. I love the prefold diapers you can buy in a 10 pack. They aren’t pretty but they work!

  • Sarah McKay

    Baby Bjorn bouncy chair (folds up really slim), Baby Bjorn travel crib (folds up slim and light and is washable), the jogging stroller (We hike and walk a lot. It has gotten used into the toddler years and it’s a place to restrain the crazy toddler), and our In-Step Bike trailer/stroller (I can steer it one-handed, it keeps them dry on walks, carries two kids and our stuff, easy to hook up for bike rides and the steel flag pole makes a great device for beating stray dogs off.)

  • Ruzella u201cRuu201d Wagner

    Just had my first baby on July 1st- the rock n’ play has been a huge help!nnWhat do you think of the Mamaroo? I’ve been debating on getting it. nnThanks!

    • Jennifer Wells

      I work in a NICU and our older babies (term not our teeny ones) love them!

    • Christie Itty VandenDries

      The Mamaroo is AMAZING! It’s my #1 baby gift next to a stroller/carseat set. I could not have lived without the mamaroo. It does everything and is a space saver!

  • Tori Speiser

    When your little angel gets a bit bigger the Bumbo chair will become a life saver. When she’s not quit strong enough to sit alone but wants to be up so she can see, it’s the perfect chair. They also make trays with toys and she can even eat in it when you are not at home! It’s really been amazing for us.

  • Kristen Agee Ehrenfeld

    As a nursing mom, I could not live without my boppy! I took it everywhere, even to a baseball game and on an airplane!

  • Courtney Strautnieks

    Totally agree with the rock and play!

  • Jennifer Wells

    Muslin swaddle blankets are awesome for summer babies! So lightweight!

  • Laura

    I’ve used the Moby wrap, the Baby Bjorn (nice with the forward facing possibility) and the Ergo. My favorite by far is the Ergo- I carried my son up until he was 30 pounds in that thing and it was easy because the weight is carried on your hips. The Bjorn puts their weight in the middle of your upper back which was harder when he was heavier. I loved being able to carry him and have hands free as well as avoiding putting him in the grocery cart. He sits there now (I used to use a cover but don’t anymore) but I am carrying my daughter in the Ergo now!

  • Cherie

    Muslin blankets for nursing and for baby to sleep with! So light for summertime. Also have the 4moms rockaroo which my baby naps in during the day! Love it!

  • Rachel Gray

    Rock n play is ESSENTIAL. They had just come out when I had my first baby so we didn’t know about them. I got one the second time around and it’s now what I buy for EVERYONE I know having a baby!

  • Laura Mitchell

    Here is the most essential toy you will ever need for babies/toddlers!! Most played with toy for both my kids!! Fisher Price play table!!

  • Christie Itty VandenDries

    My new mom essentials also include the halo sleep sacks. They are awesome! I also couldn’t live withou the Chicco Keyfit Zip Carseat. Skip the carseat carrier/base thing and just go straight to this one. Saves money over time and is so worth it for the ease of install. A safe carseat is a properly installed carseat and this one is fool-proof. I couldn’t do without my Bob Stroller. We take it everywhere and it is a beast for our trail hikes. My last essential was the MamaRoo Swing. My daughter would not nap without it. It was a godsend. I bought it used for a really great price and used it every day up until she was 11 months old. Then I sold it for the same price I bought it. I also breastfed and if I were to do it all over again, as a working mom, I would have totally purchased the Medela Symphony breastpump. It is expensive, but SO worth it if you are going to breastfeed and have more than one child.