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My Favorite Tweets From the Book Tour!

As you guys probably know, we’re well into our Smart Money Smart Kids book tour. My dad and I have been out on the road for a week now, traveling  between New York City, Nashville, Knoxville, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Houston, and we’ve been having a blast!

It’s been great to meet so many people and talk to them about raising money-smart kids. Thank you all so much for participating in the #SmartMoneyTour and #SmartMoneyKids conversation and for sharing your photos for the #SmartMoneySelfie giveaways! I’ve had a great time reading all of your tweets during the book tour, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites:




If I’ve been to your city, I hope we had a chance to meet and chat. And if I haven’t been to your city yet, I can’t wait to see you! Here’s where I’ll be over the next week.

Remember, you can follow the book tour on Twitter using the hashtag #SmartMoneyTour and #SmartMoneyKids, and you can follow me on Twitter to find out when to use the #SmartMoneySelfie hashtag to win a giveaway at the signing!

See you on the road!