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The 5 People I Want to Have Dinner With

In a recent interview I was asked who are five people that I would want to have dinner with. I thought it was a really fun question, so here are my picks! Who would you want to have dinner with?


  • Alexandra Barton

    I would love to go to dinner with YOU! You are such an inspiration for young women entering the work force! Thanks for the great videos and articles about life, marriage, work and money! I’ve learned so much! Also on my list… Kaley Cuoco, Savannah Guthrie, Joanna Gaines.

  • Noel Quinnelly

    Bonnie Hunt. She is so funny. Nadia Commanci. She was my childhood idol. Dolly Parton. Enough said. Laura Bush. Just the epitome of grace. Bethany Hamilton. Because she ROCKS!

  • Quinn Anderson

    Off of the top of my head I would say…………..Candace Cameron Bure, Joanna Gaines, Sandra & Andy Stanley (does that count as 1 or 2), Tony Robbins and Katie Davis (Kisses from Katie).

  • Emily Conrad Chiado

    I’d love to go to dinner with Jesus, Dave & Sharon Ramsey, Lysa TerKuerst & her hubby, & the crazy Russian hacker.n

  • Shannon Gallant

    The 5 people I would like to go to dinner with are… Candice Cameron Bure, Aaron Lewis singer/staind,Guy feiti of triple D,Mike Huckabee, and Autumn Calabrese 21 day fix/beachbody coach.

  • Annette (Zuehlke) Burnett

    Oh boy, I feel like a copy-cat, but I would say Taylor Swift (her perspective on young people would be so fascinating!), Kelly Ripa, Oprah, Jen Hatmaker, and Mitch Albom…He is one of few men who could handle that group of women, and maybe we could get him to sing and play piano for us!

  • Elizabeth Medlen

    Hmmm…since you opened it up to people who’ve passed: Amelia Earhart, Richard Halliburton, either Amelia B Edwards or Mark Twain, Alfred Bierstadt and Albert Einstein. Adventurers, writers, an artist and a genius. Seems like a perfect mix.

    • Elizabeth Medlen

      By the way, I love this topic. If I could expand the list even further, it’d include Orville & Wilbur Wright, Leonardo DaVinci, Marie Curie, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Groucho Marx, Thomas Lipton, Ernest Shackleton, Elizabeth Elliot, Jane Austen and Elizabeth I.

  • Tammy Parady

    No women unfortunately but Smith Wigglesworth(very interesting guy), King Solomon(wisest person ever), Jesus(duh), my Dad(he’s passed), and Duane Sheriff(the only one still alive).

  • Li Tyler

    Chip and Joanna Gaines from hgtv, they are such a cute couple, I love them. Scott and Drew from Propety Brothers, also hgtv. George Bush, I have alot of questions. You, you seem so sweet.

  • Holly Tucker

    I think I would choose Ravi Zacharias, Beth Moore, Kimberly Guilfoyle (from Fox News), Korie Robertson (or any of their family), and Max Lucado.

  • Jennifer Renee Dixon

    So fun! I would have to say You, Dave Ramsey, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Candace Cameron Bure, and Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up!

  • Jenn

    I’d love to have dinner, my treat, with Carrie Underwood, Beth Moore, Candace Cameron Bure, Rachel Cruz (do you know her??) and Lady Di or Princess Kate (actually, can we make them just one so that they can meet one another? I know that Princess Diana would certainly approve and be so proud of William).

  • Teya Peck

    Wow! Such a fun and yet probing question. It’s hard to narrow it down to just five. Sooo, hehehe I did five categories. !- My dad and brother (both past), 2- Sean Connery and Julie Andrews (my stage loving side), 3- Thomas S. Monson and Jesus (that’s obvious). 4-Bill Cosby and Brian Reagan (Total clean comedy fan) and last but certainly not least… Okay, I know this sounds clichu00e9 but I would seriously like to lunch with 5- Rachel, Dave Ramsey (Anyone from the Ramsey speech group) and Jeff Goins

  • This is a tough one, because it is hard to narrow it down to just five, but if I did. One would definitely be your father, because his enthusiasm and confidence have changed my life forever. #2–Dean Cain, because I’m a Superman fan and I thought he was an excellent portrayal of the character in the television series in the ’90s. #3–Placido Domingo, because I have loved opera ever since college and would love to interact with one of the three tenors and pick his brain and how he got to where he is today. #4–Scott Leonard of the a cappella group, Rockapella, because they have lasted for almost 30 years and he has done a wonderful job in making that group thrive. Last but definitely not least–Derek Hough, just because I love dance/choreography.

  • Emalie

    I would say, Sharon Ramsey to see how she supported her husband from a guy with dreams to entrepreneur success. CS Lewis for spiritual wisdom. Anne Ortlund & Edith Schaeffer to learn from them personally the art of homemaking. Lastly Stacy Young to guide me in my search for my own style and coordinated wardrobe.

  • Kelli Hogg

    Hmm…JJ Watt – because I am fasicniated by his work ethic and how he balanced his fame with giving back to the community (seriously!), Taylor Swift – for pretty much the same reasons, Simon Sinek – because he has great ideas an philosphies, Matt Chandler – because I love how he uses God’s work to talk about REAL stuff and he cracks me up…and YOU – because you keep it real about money and life…and I love that! 🙂

  • Elise

    It’s so hard to pick just 5!!! But here I go: 1) Jennifer Aniston: I’ve loved her ever since I was a teenager, first seeing her in “Object of my Affection”, and I just think she’s an incredible actress (and of course beautiful)! 2) Dave Ramsey: DUH! He has truly changed the trajectory of my life, along with my husband’s, and without him we’d still be amidst a financial catastrophe. I can’t wait to schedule a visit to come to FPP and shake his hand; I will probably cry. And maybe he’ll even want to go to dinner 😉 3) Dave Matthews: A huge fan since the age of 8 (Ants Marching, HELLO?!), Dave Matthews is a definite. His music is absolutely timeless, and he is such a giver. 4) Monica Potter: I am a “Parenthood” NUT, and I absolutely loved her character. She’s a woman with so many ambitions, as an actress, mom, wife and entrepreneur! Last but not least, 5) Bradley Cooper: Do I really need to give an explanation for this one?!nnnThanks for sharing, Rachel, and for giving us a chance to weigh in!

  • Great question. Here we go…In NO particular order.nnn5 people I would like to have dinner with.nnn1) Dave RamseynDave has taught me EVERYTHING I know about money and his principles has changed my life forever! I have been debt free now since 2006 (except the house) because of FPU. Dave if your reading this “Thank You” sir for helping me and millions. Dinner anytime anywhere my treat.nnn2) Mark CubannFirst, the dude is a BILLIONAIRE and and a wise entrepreneur that inspires me every Friday night on the Shark Tank. Mark just seems like a very cool guy and has taught me so much about business and has inspired me to finally launch out and start my own biz. Mark, I am in Dallas all the time for MAVS games…DInner my treat before a MAVS game. However, since I follow Dave Ramsey’s principles we will need to go somewhere reasonable. nnn3) Keith Moore (Faith Life Church Branson/Sarasota)nA man of God that has taught me so much about the Lord and his word! nnn4) Joel OsteennAn Inspiration and encourage to me and millions and a rock star. At the same time he is one of the most humble people I have ever seen.nnn5) President George W. BushnMy Favorite president and a GREAT man. nnnJeremy