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The 7 Areas You Need to Set Goals

Welcome to 2015! Are you a goal setter? Let’s talk about some areas in which you’ll want to set goals this year!
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  • Laura

    Intellectual is easy. Career is hard. I think it is because I can control the intellectual but not all aspects of the career goals. ­čÖé

  • Mele

    I would suggest spiritual goals too.

    • Marguerite7

      #3 on her list.

  • Marie

    I would like to work on my financial goals and career goals.

  • I actually love setting goals in all areas of my life. Love it…especially if there is a pretty Pinterest printable to help me set those goals and then use fancy gel pens and then color coordinate the whole planning session…it’s the day to day follow through I struggle with. ­čÖé

  • Pam

    I think for me…setting spiritual goals will help the others fall in place as well.

  • Brian

    I also want to work on financial and career goals

  • Jennifer Renee Dixon

    I wasn’t going to write anything but I told my husband “I can’t think about goals yet” and he said I should write that! lol! So there goes! nThanks for the vlog! I am starting to think of some goals this year though working on one for the next 6 weeks! Get in shape!

  • boilerbugle

    I’ve set several goals for this year, some fall into multiple categories. This has given me some more ideas, to set MORE goals, but I’m worried that I’ll get overwhelmed. So I think I’ll set aside my new ideas for intelectual/spiritual/family until June. Try to get in the goal habit before taking on more. My goals for 2015: run a 10k (run at least 3x week), plan meals for the week and prep meals ahead of time, hike 2 miles a month, and follow our household budget. I’ve set up charts and tables to track these, which I’ve hung in the kitchen.

  • carrie

    ugh you’re adorable!

  • I haven’t considered “social” goals before. Meeting up with friends once a month would be great! Easier said than done, but great! You’re right…this is going to be a great year! I’m excited about my goals in the other 6 areas!