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The Ultimate April Fools’ Prank on My Sister!

What happens when you have a 38-week pregnant woman act like she’s going into labor in front of her sister? Come watch and find out!


  • Tiffany Morgan

    Couldn’t stop laughing! I love how calm your sister was about it all. I would have been freaking out!

  • Heather Bateman

    Pretty sure that’s the last we’ll be seeing of Denise on the vlog…very funny!

  • Kelli Hogg

    Super cute! Love seeing this side of your family.

  • Brandy Hunter Fitzloff

    LOVE IT! And love seeing Denise! You girls need to do more stuff together that we can see!

  • Liz Farmer

    This was really cute – Denise was calm, cool and collected too!! n

  • Lauren

    Hilarious! Though with having kids of her own, she handled it as I think I would not that I’ve had a kid… before having a kid, no way. I would have been freaking out! I would have loved to see how your brother would have reacted, that would have been one to watch!

  • amy

    So adorable! Cracks me up that Denise actually touched the wet spot on the chair! Only something a sister would do! :0)n

  • Sheena Marie Sabido

    Made me laugh love it great April fools joke

  • Rachel

    I can’t stop laughing – too funny! She was so calm and collected. Even though I’ve had two babies, I’m pretty sure I would have freaked out! 🙂

  • Ha, that was good! Wish I had thought of doing this last year when I was due with my son!

  • Greg

    Denise came prepared with those hip wader boots, lol.

  • Joan Bennett Humphries

    Funny! Love how her sister took the joke!

  • David Perryn

    That’s awesome. The moment Denise went from chilled to, oh my gosh! Did it really? Look. It did! 🙂

  • Sheri B.


  • Becky Crowther

    you are a turd!!! My daughter in law did something very similar to me this morning. I never even thought about April fools day. You are so naughty!!!

  • Heidi Bransby

    I loved this, my late sister and I used to play like this too….precious and wonderful 🙂 xx

  • Susan

    It seemed like she knew, smirking like she was. [capital W]

  • Charlie J.

    Just heard about this on the podcast. Dave said it was “viral” or “going crazy” or something like that. Why not just say that it’s there instead of hyping it up?nnIt makes me feel like when he talks about Start being a good book.

    • Jerry

      Haha, totally agree, Start was such garbage. Following that purchase I only get Lampo books from the library.
      I will say, though, Smart Money, Smart Kids is worth owning. I’ve read it with 2 of my kids, and have more to go once they hit 10 or 11.

  • Jerry

    Seems more like the prank was on us.
    I agree with other posters – this is both cute and set up for entertainment. However, you guys aren’t professional actors, so………