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Travel Like a Pro

As someone who travels a lot for work, I consider packing a light but efficient suitcase one of my secret talents. Here are some of my packing tips.

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  • fiscally

    Do you have any tips on buying luggage? We’re starting to realize that 2 suitcases isn’t enough with 2 little ones.

    • Veteran traveler

      You are over packing, you shouldn’t need more than 2 suit cases, use a washer and dryer at the motel or wear u are staying. I have been traveling 20 years every week.

      • fiscally

        We are probably over packing a bit, but the diapers alone take up half our smaller suitcase. And the other is potty training, so we had a lot of back up pants…

        • Jenn

          Can you purchase diapers once you get where your going? Might not be the most convenient but at least it’s less packing.

        • Veteran traveler

          Take the diapers u immediately need and purchase diapers at your destination. Kids clothes are pretty small the space you save in carting diapers will save you room

    • Jon

      Costco sells some really well made luggage – their Kirkland brand. I bought a carry-on, and though it’s not beautiful, it is the best-made piece of luggage I’ve ever owned.

  • Joe Samuel

    Can you give me recommendation on what to buy a 7 year old (birthday & christmas) gift and a 5 year old twins for the same occasion. I was thinking about the coins from USA mint but do you think buying an individual bonds more preferred? Thank you!

  • Kristen cozart

    Can’t take a a big bottle of anything in your carry on. How are you taking spray sunscreen on a plane?

    • Jenn

      You can find travel size sunscreen. That’s what I use.

      • Kristen cozart

        I’m so pale that I need the highest protection and the biggest bottle. Those little bottles do nothing for me

        • Amy Karn

          Kristen, unless you are going to the remotest of places (we’re talking bush Alaska or similar), you can always buy a bigger bottle once you reach your destination

  • lola

    What about jammies, undergarments, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, hair products/accessories, etc. etc. etc. ūüėČ

  • Brooklynn

    Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that “checked bags are lost bags!” Last year I went to NYC for the holidays and when my bag was finally returned (3 days late) it has so many missing items! nnI love your tips! Thanks girl!

  • April

    Ohmygosh… You are adorable, Rachel. Fun to see you hold up your dresses and shoes, a break from the money videos is fun.