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What Makeup Does Rachel Buy?

There are a few essential makeup pieces I love to invest in.


  • Karen

    You didn’t share what lipstick you use

  • Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer is my one true staple in my makeup bag. I’m totally like you though – my stuff lasts a long time, so I don’t mind investing in good brands!

  • Lisa

    Target has a line called ELF and is cheaper than anything else, and I love it. $3 mascara, $3 foundation, $1 eyeliner. Check it out!

  • windyj2301

    I can’t live without my Arbonne makeup! The mascara is amaze!

  • Katherine

    You are just hilarious! 😉 Love it!

  • Diana

    What is the best thing to use for oily eyelids because my eyeshadow always creases. ..I’ve tried a lot of stuff already…but haven’t found the one product that totally works for me.n

    • Joanna

      Hi Diana,

      You can try using an eyeshadow primer. It’s an essential! It will make the color of the shadow richer, will prevent your shadow from creasing, and will last much longer. MAC cosmetics has a great one – “Painterly” paintpot, or Urban Decay has good ones as well. Too Faced worlds well too. I hope it helps!

  • Alexandra

    I’ve always heard that makeup expires! Like foundation and eye shadow and eye liner expires in a year, mascara expires in 6 months. Not sure if anyone’s heard that. Is it true??

  • Jessica

    Rachel, this made me laugh several times. Your comments are genuine, transparent, and humble. You are refreshing and wildly entertaining. Thank you for sharing this enjoyable vlog.