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Why Couples Should Agree on Money

Agreeing on your financial goals and values will help direct where your money goes!


  • Catherine Stockton

    We value going out to eat too. We also are working towards becoming debt free so we can go on family vacations. We are definitely making lots of progress!

  • Erin Peterson

    Our #1 goal was to pay off our mortgage!! We just did last week. It took us 9 1/2 years. We are 100% debt free!! It feels incredible. We did this by sacrificing wants, paying 10% tithing to the Lord, saving 50% or more of our income, and my husbands hard, hard work. It feels pretty incredible. Baby #5 is on the way and we feel blessed and grateful.

  • Maria Manore

    Our biggest value is being debt free! My husband had $180,000 in law school loans and we devised a plan to pay of the loans very aggressively. He sold his house and we both started saving and working HARD. We were married this past June and leveraged everything we could into his debt. We paid it all off in August and it was amazing! Now we’re renting and saving for a big downpayment on our next house so we can get quickly out of the debt that it will bring back into our lives.

  • Daniel Tan

    My value is to retire with money. We have no kids. No one will take care of us so we need to save money to get someone to take care of us. nAnimals are the deterrent to achieving this goal. What a waste! Whatever the animal rights says!

    • Rea

      Very sad that you felt the need to add your feelings on pets to your comment. She asked people to post what their value or goals were, not post negativie feelings toward other people’s preference toward living creatures. For many people pets are not a waste. Our pets are part of our family they bring alot of joy and love to our home. That being said having a pet is not for everyone, just like having kids is not for everyone. You and your spouse must have come to the conclusion that kids and pets were not part of your plan, maybe your careers don’t leave you with much time for them, or maybe you just don’t have enough emotional energy to devote to the care of another living thing (either a child or a pet) . No matter what your reason for not having kids or pets it must work for you and that is great, but that does not mean you need to bring your negative feelings about pets to this post. She asked what people value… Some people value the love and companionship of their pets. And just like you not wanting a pet is OK it is also OK for someone else to value their pet. Neither is wrong, what works for me does not work for you and vice versa. And that is wonderful. nnI wish you the best on your quest to save money for retirement.

      • Daniel Tan

        Thanks for the lecture. I agree its not for everyone. Sorry you are sad but the reality is many people would go poor because of their love for animals. I don’t hate them. I am weary of them. You have a lifestyle you want to follow. That’s good for you.