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Why I’m Grateful for You!

Just a few reasons why I’m grateful for YOU!


  • Charlie

    My wife and I arrived here on the shores of Lake Winnipeg with nothing much more than 6 kids, a 1976 van and a Coachman trailer. A condemmed mobile home on three lots was up for sale so we took out a doable mortgage and bought it at about $240/m over 7 years. Not bad! One of the first repairs was to patch the busted waterlines tucked into the insulation between the floor joists. The only way to do that was to access the lines from a filthy, wet crawlspace – and I had a bad back. Oh groan!. I uttered a few colorful metaphors at first but, of course, that doesn’t help so I started giving thanks instead – thanks for life, thanks for a roof over my head and thanks for the tools and the know how with which to do the job etc. I ended up calling the crawlspace my Happy Place. This year, at Thanksgiving, a widow called with a crawlspace problem, so much so that it was going to take ten days to fix it. She wouldn’t be able to afford that so we made a deal. I’d make her crawlspace a Happy Pace too and in exchange she’d wash our windows, sew our curtains, plant our gardens etc: 10 days worth. I am thankful for Happy Places! And, believe me, SO IS SHE!