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What Does It Mean to be Content?

For some people, the grass is always greener on the other side.

You get a job and get your own place—but you’re not making much. You just know you’ll be happy once you make a little more money. Then you get a raise, and everything seems to be going well, until you realize that you’re lonely—and if that perfect guy or special lady would come along, you’d finally be happy. But you never are.

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At its root, this is a contentment problem. When you’re not content, you spend your whole life jumping from one thing to another, always hoping the next thing will be the one, big thing that makes you happy. And, if that’s your approach, it will never happen.

So the question is: “Where is your treasure?”

Contentment gets a bad rap in our world today. A lot of people think of it as laziness or apathy. But that’s not contentment.

Our world is addicted to a mentality of “bigger is better” and “what’s next?” So the idea of just slowing down and enjoying what you have right in front of you, before moving on to the next thing, is foreign to some people.

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What’s cool doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether or not you’re making the most of the life you’ve been given.

When you’re content, you realize that you can own stuff without being weighed down by it. And that’s a great place to be.

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  • Jessica E. Lindsey

    love this!! thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Lois

    I am content when I am in God’s will.

  • Holly Tucker

    For me, it’s about remembering that God has a unique plan for me. God has called me to serve people in other countries, and that requires that I make sacrifices that others won’t be asked to make. I won’t have the white picket fence that I share with my husband and 2 kids, but I will have something so much greater. My life is far from being the norm, but I couldn’t ask for a better life.

  • Jesus H.


  • For me, being more content means to stop comparing (my thoughts on the subject : always need reminders to be content. It seems so natural to lean towards dissatisfaction nnThanks for the reminder!

  • Karen Baines Hobson

    I learned contentment several years ago when I kept wanting to build a house and get out of our double-wide mobile home because I thought our children needed bigger bedrooms and closets, etc., but financially we just kept hitting brick walls because of one thing or another. I finally just relied on Paul’s message about being content in all situations whether we have plenty or in want….it became my mantra on those days when I really struggled to find a place for everything. And, amazingly, contentment came and we lived in our mobile home for 22 years, raised 2 kids there and enjoyed our granddaughter being with us for the last 5 of those years. It was a tight fit with 5 people living in 1500 square feet, but it did inspire me to keep clutter to a minimum and not hang on to things for “one day” when I might need it. We finally built our house 3 years ago and it was an amazing experience that probably would not have been the case if we had done it all those years earlier when I wanted to. We increased square footage, bigger bedrooms, walk-in closets, and more bathrooms.. and then decreased people…Five became three!

  • Ceci

    I view being content the same way I view being a good hostess. You make sure to acknowledge and appreciate every blessing that walks through your door. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with keeping that door wide open to receive as many blessings as possible. Go out and work, make money, spend time with your family, but make sure to stop and appreciate those blessings in your life. That’s contentment.

  • Scout706

    Distinguishing want from need. We are so greatly blessed.Once you recognise how blessed you are, you can know contentment.

  • Dawn

    I practice contentment with patience. My husband is in dental school, and with all his student loans piling up, we are SO eager to pay off those debts. It’s hard to see our friends buying homes, going on vacations, and even going out to dinner! but, we know our time will come, and we are finding joy in the journey. It’s the most monetarily straining time, but we know it’s worth it and we’re content in that!

  • Chico Junior

    Contentment is being content with what God has giving you. Contentment is beautiful!

    • Lashay Miller

      Yes I agree