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3 Things to Teach Your Kids While on Vacation

Summer’s here! And that means you might have a vacation right around the corner. If you’re going on vacation with kids, you know how easy it is to spend more than you expected.

Here are a few ways to look for teachable moments while you’re making that special trip!

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  • Neenee

    Such great advice!!!! We went away for a weekend and each child got to spend $ 5 how they wanted. The 4 year old chose to spend it on candy and ice cream. The 15 year old decided to save it!!!!! Her words ” I don’t need candy and the prices of ice cream are ridiculous. Do you know how much ice cream I can get from the grocery store?!?!?

  • Neenee

    Another thing I forgot to add was she did choose to spend the $ 5 towards a t-shirt for a friend on the way home so there is the giving aspect. She also is great at reminding us not to dine out now that she realizes how much it takes to go on vacation. I said to her one day—wow that smells good, she looks right at me and goes nope get in the car we are not going out to dinner I want to go to New Hampshire( where we camp)” We also have the 4 year old saying cash is good cards are bad and she has her Dave Ramsey piggy banks—–so glad we found you 3 months ago

  • Jacob

    My family was just at the beach and my 9 year old (photo with her purchase) really wanted this spray paint art hat. I thought it was too much money but I let her decide. So right there in the store, she pulled out her KiDebit card, used momma’s iPhone to scan it and said proudly, You see Daddy, I have $23 for this vacation saved up and the hat is only $15. I want it! I smiled, bought the hat and deducted the $15 from her virtual KiDebit account and once again! The learning experience of KiDebit continues, which I’m finding more and more amazing at how in sync KiDebit is with not only your book but video blog post like this one! I mean we literally just got back from the beach and experienced those 3 things first hand. Such great advice and I don’t even recognize what I obtained until I hear it or read it from you. It’s such great advice! Rachel, keep the lessons flowing because I’m taking notes am I’m fine tuning KiDebit to be the absolute perfect family education tool for 4-11 year olds. I feel like KiDebit is the “Ramsey / Cruze” proof of concept supporting everything you say helps a child’s money smart education. This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my kids. Thank you! BTW… My kids friends can finally get their own KiDebit cards after begging me all school year for one because the non-developer version is on the App Store as of today!! And yes… Its 100% free! Paid easily from your kids commission! NOT allowances! Yes, I went back and made that correction in the app. 🙂 if anyone doesn’t know what I’m referring to… You HAVE to read Rachel’s book, smart money smart kids. It is spot on!!!!

  • Steve Nazarian

    A few years ago we took all four of our kids to Disneyworld. In the six months leading up to the trip, we had a program in the house called “Mommy bucks” where every point they earned doing chores, helping around the house, helping neighbors etc. was worth ten cents. Right before we left for the trip, we told each child how much they had to spend and we put it on an index card. Every time they wanted to buy something, they would ask for their balance and decide if it was a good purchase or not. We did not have to say “no” even once. They took complete ownership of each of their balances and all came home with a few things they wanted, but with money left over as well. nI write about my family and creative problem solving on my blog at – come check it out.

    • Steve Nazarian

      After reading this yesterday I decided to make my next blog post about our Disney adventure and Mommy Bucks. You can read the whole story here: