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3 Tips for When Your Kids Move Back Home

Have your kids moved back home after graduating college? Here are three simple tips to teach them to stand on their own with dignity.

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  • Heidi Bernardo

    Hey Rachel. You know what you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick! I’m training my kids (at ages 10 and 11) to be really good sticks.

  • Amy McLeroy Young

    So… what about the old fashioned family that helps each other? Working, divorced adult moves in with parents so that they can retire without so much stress. No… my parents don’t follow Dave’s plans… I’ve talked to them about it. This is something I can do to help them though.

  • Frustrated!

    What do you do if your daughter & her husband have moved in with her husband’s parents and they’re enabling them and don’t appear to be doing anything to encourage them to get out on their own? We’re trying but it’s too cozy at his parent’s home to feel the need to be independent.

  • Jaklin Lindberg

    I just finished with college and my husband and I with our two boys moved in with his parents. We were expected to be out in a month. We are going to be in our own apartment in a week! So, excited! Plus, we are going to be working our tails off to pay down that debt!