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A Baby Changes Everything

Having a baby changes everything in a wonderful way . . . but it also changes your checking account! What budget changes did you have to make after having a baby? Let me know in the comments!


  • It does change everything in one of the most amazing ways. We have changed our budget and try to buy things a month out if possible so we can always ahead of the game. I really try and limit the amount of “adorable outfits” for her for normal daily wear.. we is growing so fast that she doesn’t get enough use out of anything she owns right now. I try and limited the number of jeans or pants.. cause in three months they won’t matter. She does have a few cute things for outings etc. Ps. I love that Faith Hill song. 🙂

  • Liz Gray Reneau

    Grocery budget had to go up by $100-150 a month (formula is $30/can and we go through about 4-5 cans per month) diapers/wipes added I would guess 75-100 a month to our household budget, and clothing budget went way up as well. Toys, feeding supplies, etc were things we obviously never budgeted for before but now seem to need constantly now that we have an almost 8 month old! An unexpected expense related to the baby is dining out. Since we both work, we do take out several nights per week so that we can spend that precious evening time with the baby instead of in the kitchen

    • TirzahMarie Lewis

      Do you have any friends who like to cook? Or perhaps one free Sat/Sun in the month? I did freezer meals and it really helped. I discovered that I was paying a lot at the grocery store for frozen lasagna that I didn’t even really like… so I would try to get up early one weekend day in the month and make a few dishes. let them cool to room temp and then freeze them. I do okay with meal planning until about Wednesday, these dishes helped me not go out on Thursday/Friday (also breakfast for dinner is delicious too). Crock pots are also awesome with the fall coming or if you’re like me and are terrible at remembering to start the crock pot Tupperware has a supercool microwave pressure cooker! Love that thing… Some ideas to save some dough. You’re right though, I work all day and that time between work and bedtime is very precious.

  • Timothy Hollister

    Here’s one for ya Rachel. Grand babies change the budget too!! We recently welcomed our son’s little girl into the world and she is a doll! While I do OK keeping myself under control, Grandma has a harder time of it. Her little Sweet Pea just “needs” everything — all the time! Grandma doesn’t know it (the only thing financially she doesn’t know) but I set aside a little cash every month for her to indulge herself and the grand baby. Heck, they both deserve it!

    • Millie Sodowski-Meyer


  • Eileen

    One thing you have to get good at is asking family/friends for the baby items they used once or twice. Most babies live in onsies and sweat pants for the 1st nine months, so don’t fall for all those adorable, hard to get on the baby, expensive outfits that only fit for about 2 weeks. *** When someone is coming to visit the baby and they ask if you need anything, answer yes, thank you so much, we could use some diapers. Keep smiling, the first child is always harder than the rest. As in everything in life, practice makes perfect.

  • Sarah Alves

    Please just write a whole book on baby budgeting – like “what to expect where you’re expecting” but more along the lines of… “what your WALLET can expect when you’re expecting.” :)nnIn all seriousness, I’d love for a longer video segment/presentation to be built around budgeting with a baby. My husband and I are expecting our first next February, and we’re stockpiling as much cash as possible to prepare for maternity leave (first and foremost) and other expenses (crib, etc.). I feel good about our progress, but know that so many things will need to be adjusted once he or she is here in the world with us…nnThank you for all that you and your dad do – I just always want more!nn-Sarah Alves

    • TirzahMarie Lewis

      People will always want to buy cute things for the baby. Don’t be afraid to graciously thank them and tack on “…you know though what we really need is…” I think folks desire to help, so when your diaper stockpile dries up don’t be afraid to ask for the Jumbo Box! 🙂 Good luck to you!

  • Jessie

    Changing budget for daycare expenses was huge! Daycare tuition per month is close to a house payment.

    • TirzahMarie Lewis

      AMEN! Ours was actually more than the house payment (sweet mercy)… until we pulled my daughter and son out of daycare and now my husband stays with them.

  • DW

    Yep, we raised four and we’re almost finished! Three in college this fall (ouch). We were very frugal so I could stay home and found that nursing saved on formula, washing cloth diapers myself saved a ton (bought them used from a diaper service) and we bought most of the baby gear and clothes at garage sales. Yes, there is good quality, hardly worn baby clothes at garage sales. I did try to hit the upper end neighborhoods and bought high quality clothing. This worked until they were about 7 and kids started to wear them out and my kids became pickier and more self-conscience. Love your vlog!

  • scottauker

    You have the best facial expressions on you Vlog. The initial screen shots always seem to capture one of those great expressions. Do you do that on purpose? If you think having a baby makes budgeting hard, wait till they become teenagers. My 16 year old daughter is on the cheerleading squad. My 12 year old daughter is in the marching band. It seems they come home everyday needing a check for something. Yesterday it was $50 for a participation fee. Today, it was $25 for earnings and accessories so everyone in the band looks the same. It’s difficult to budget when you have no idea these expenses are coming.

  • MiLissa Hall

    I agree with Sarah.. I’m expecting my first baby and all my new mommy friends that I ask about budgeting don’t actually do a budget so no one knows!

    • Carly

      Its crazy how many people don’t do a budget! I have done one for so long now that I can’t imagine not having one!!

  • Tonyetta

    Sam’s Club was my friend when I had my son. Diapers and wipes lasted longer. Diaper was every month and wipes was every three months. If there was a sale on diapers, I would get two boxes.

  • Carly

    I’m 36 weeks preggo and we are just crazy stockpiling money right now because as first time parents we don’t really know what those first weeks/months are really gonna cost! And really not sure if we have everything we need! I think we do (including a huge stockpile of cloth diapers) but itll be good to have some extra cash in case there are lots of things we still need .. plus I think we’ll need a much bigger takeout budget for a while!!

  • Madi

    If nursing, budget for clothing for Mom. None of my tops fit after my milk came in. Bras, tops, camis, etc. nLook for local mom’s groups to try to buy used baby gear.

  • Mandy Binkley Fuller

    Our grocery budget went up $100 a month to compensate for diapers and wipes, plus that transitioned into snacks and extra sippy cups, etc.

  • TirzahMarie Lewis

    We really were in a baby tailspin I have a two-year-old and a one-year-old. I’d do great at garage sales thrifting for them but then they outgrew something, the size was off and I’d be at Target spending money from who knows where?!?! I don’t know if I have much advice other than don’t buy too far ahead (you just can’t predict their growth) and LAYERS saved us last winter. Also ask for diapers for Christmas presents (family will buy a toy with it anyway) but seriously that’s one thing that kept us through about April of this year… all the diapers-as-presents. Also after looking at our finances my husband chose to stay home with our kids their outfit needs have shrunk remarkably. I know it’s not doable for everyone but really take a look at the budget and think through all the variables. Between the money saved, our pto not taking a hit every time they get sick, the transit, clothes, special events (other kids b-days, fundraising, teacher gifts) it has actually added up to be a lot of savings. Couldn’t have made that step though without our budget!