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7 Baby Items You Don’t Need to Spend Money On

You just found out the news: You’re having a baby!

At first, you’re probably excited, maybe a little nervous. There are so many unknowns, right?

Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Healthy? What color hair and eyes?

And don’t forget . . . what about all the stuff you’ll need when the baby gets here—the car seat, the high chair, the stroller, the crib? It can be overwhelming at first!

All that excitement can get a little stressful if you let it. I’ve been there and done that, though, and I can tell you that there’s no need to stress. You’ll have to think about a few necessities, sure. But the main thing is your little bundle of joy is finally here.

To help you plan ahead, I’ve put together a list of seven things I realized I probably didn’t need AFTER I bought them. Keep in mind: Every family is unique, so your needs might be different. But here are the things I discovered I could live without:

1. Baby shoes. My daughter couldn’t walk yet, so why buy shoes? Sure, I had a few for certain occasions, but I didn’t feel the need to go overboard. Those little feet will grow quickly too.

2. Lots of newborn diapers. Just like the shoes, your baby will outgrow those little diapers in no time.

3. Diaper Genie. I personally found that plastic grocery bags work just fine. Plus, the thought of opening a lid with two weeks’ worth of diapers underneath grosses me out!

4. Baby wipe warmer. Lukewarm wipes work the same way. And if your little boy or girl never experiences the warm wipes, they’ll never know what they’re missing!

5. Shopping cart seat cover. I always use the wipes by the door to give the cart a good clean before I go in. That works for me.

6. Changing table. You don’t need a changing table with all the bells and whistles. Something simple will get the job done.

7. Expensive clothes. Hand-me-downs. Consignment sales. Target. You can find plenty of great baby clothes out there, without having to go to fancy boutiques.

Again, remember—what works for me might not work for you!

The most important thing is to make sure you’ve covered the basics with your little one. Then just enjoy all the time you have together. Congratulations!

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  • Angie Runyan

    You are so right, Rachel. As a lactation consultant and post partum doula I see how less is more can actually benefit new parents. Adjusting to early parenting requires love and support, not unnecessary stuff that can distract and consume resources. Baby shower gift lists can include the promise of delivery of healthy meals, help with household chores and maybe the gift of services from a postpartum doula. : )

  • Mom_of_3

    You’re right on the newborn diapers. On the baby shower registry, register for size 2 and 3…that is when the price per diaper is higher and you go through a pack faster.

  • Michelle Queen-Duncan

    Sorry Rachel but did you know for those wipes by the door the surface actually has to set for 5 to 10 minutes for the germs to be killed? That’s what these wipes are designed to do kill germs… do you really want your child sitting in that, touching the bars you just wiped and putting that into their mouth? There are better ways to wipe the surface that are more effective and way healthier. I’m not saying waste money on the shopping cart covers b/c I don’t know many that take that cover in the house and launder it after every use either but I do have a better solution.

    • Ruth

      Well they didnt have wipes or cart covers when you or I were babies and we turned out just fine. You’re not doing your kids any favors by disinfecting everything they touch anyway.

      • Michelle Queen-Duncan

        I don’t disinfect everything for my children or grandchildren personally but I have cut out using as many harmful chemicals as possible and clean with water or enzyme based products. I just have a better way of wiping surfaces than using the wipes everyone thinks are okay yet are using incorrectly thus ineffectively.

        • FDCy83

          So glad you decided not to share your better way of wiping.

          • Michelle Queen-Duncan

            I can share with anyone who really wants to know but this is not the appropriate time. I’m just making a comment. Email is if you want to know more. I have nothing to hide it’s just what I do and my opinion. I choose to do things a different way. Thank you.

  • Sue Mitchell

    Nursing my baby’s provided me not only with an unending supply of the most nutritious food I could give them, providing them with a reduced risk of getting sick and was relatively free of charge.
    I feel blessed that I was allowed to stay home with my babies past the first year. I understand there are mothers that are not as able to stay home as I was. My daughter went back to work at 6 weeks and we provide the child care with her pumped milk. She did not have to buy formula which would have been a big hit on her salary.

  • Crystal

    As the mom of a 15 month old, agree with almost everything! However–I love our Diaper Genie and would not live without it!!!