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Caroline Viktoria Cruze is Here!

I love to hear people share their birth stories, so I thought I would share mine!


  • Mary Dryden

    Thanks for sharing! I love, love, love birth stories. So glad your’s had a happy ending!

  • Cathy Cagle

    baby stories are the best! Delightful watching you bubble and glow. Fun! Thanks for sharing.

  • Laney Dodson

    Rachel, I’m convinced that if I lived in Nashville, that you and I would be BFF lol!! You have the most precious personality- i love following your vlog, your personal life, and reading your books! Thank you for sharing your birth story- I LOVE birth stories! (I’m a birth doula ;))

  • Laney Dodson

    Oh and congratulations on your newest baby girl! You are one blessed momma! Psalm 127! 🙂

  • Shelia Beine

    Thank you for sharing! Congratulations! So excited for you and your family. Your girls are precious and I love the birthing story! So thankful you and Caroline are healthy and well!!! 🙂 God Bless ~

  • LeAnn Reid

    Congratulations on your new daughter. If you decide to have a third child consider doing hypnosis. My first child from start to finish was three hours without pain and no medication. I had a smile on my face during labor and delivery. Several nurses were curious about how I managed to deliver a full term baby without any pain…hypnosis. I did the same procedure for my second child. Enjoy your girls they will be such a blessing.