Kids & Money

How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Chores

This month’s excellent question comes from Daniel, who asks, “How do I motivate my kids to do chores when they don’t have the desire for more money?”



  • Courtney

    I think it’s helpful to have certain chores that children do not get paid for, and they are just expected to do them because they are part of the family. Chores like cleaning their rooms, doing their homework, etc. Then extra chores can be added on if the kids want to make money. If they want money, they can mow the lawn, walk the dog, etc.

  • Kelsey

    We’ve had to implement chores done on Saturday before tv gets turned on. It was beginning to be a fight every week so no fun until work is complete.

  • Danielle

    We turn off the wifi (or TV/ video games/ phone). Chores and homework get done much faster then!

  • Karen Baines Hobson

    That’s a great question from Daniel. I was faced with this problem when my daughter was much younger and even some as an adult. Never could find the great motivator.

  • Mona

    I didn’t hear the answer to this HOW TO in the above talk. Sorry.

  • Calc

    Excellent question with a weak answer. nPlease try again with an answer better than “Make them do it.”