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It’s Here! The Smart Money Smart Kids Class

Ever since the Smart Money Smart Kids book, you guys have been sending me sweet messages and pictures of how your kids are learning to give, save and spend! Dad and I wanted to keep this conversation going, which is why I am so excited to announce the Smart Money Smart Kids class! Learn all about it at

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  • Rachel, we are so excited for the class! I am a mother of four, ages 8 months – 13 yrs and each child is growing up a “money smart kid.” My husband and I, along with our oldest 3, love your book.nnYou’ve given so much to our family through your book, so my daughter A. (age 8) and I recorded you a thank-you song. You are awesome and we can’t wait to share your message and class with our friends. I think we’ll sing this song at the start of each class! 🙂 nnHere’s your song!

    • Denise Elia Noriega

      That’s so cute!

  • April Carroll

    Hey Rachel! I was wondering if you could do a video about budgeting on a college budget? I’m in my second semister of college, and my goal is to go through all 4 years debt free! I went through the college book that yall have. I can only work 14 hours a week and have 5 classes. Didn’t know if you have any tips or suggestions? I can’t seem to find anything about budgeting for someone who doesn’t have to buy like rent, water,etc. As I live in a dorm. Thanks so much! 🙂