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Parenting Tips From Dave Ramsey’s Wife

That would be my mom, Sharon Ramsey! Everyone knows about my dad, but I can’t begin to tell you how much an influence my mom has had on my life. And I’m so excited to have her in this vlog sharing some of her parenting and money tips!

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  • Deborah Downs Carr

    It was encouraging to see you and your mom in this clip and to hear your family was not perfect in keeping the chart checked or all chores done. I love Sharon’s comment that parents need to make the training as fun as possible. Please do more clips like this. Sharon, we need to hear your wisdom and experience as much as Dave’s and Rachel’s.

  • Stacy Pierson

    How jealous is Dave that you got Sharon on your show and he can’t! Awesome to see her! Congrats to you both!

  • Iryssa

    R: “I know we were perfect…” *smirk*nS: “…What??” nLOL Such a good moment.

  • Todd

    OMG! She does exist! Lol. Great vlog.

  • Dale

    Very enjoyable. Do it again sometime.

  • TH

    Love the sweet relationship you have with your Mom. You both looked very relaxed and like you were having fun talking about a topic that is important to both of you. Please ask her to share again.

  • Katherine

    It’s so nice to finally see your mom. Every time your dad says, “SWI: Sharon wants it.” I have to giggle — it sounds like something my husband would say. Thanks for this!!

  • Elise

    How gracious and adorable is she?!

  • Jo

    It’s great to meet your mom! It’s also encouraging to hear that no system is perfect yet my kids are still learning through it. I needed to hear that. 🙂

  • George Fuller

    Thanks for bringing Sharon on! Get her on again and maybe she will talk more, too.

  • Angela Bailey Coffman

    How fun to see Sharon on your Vlog. She did great! I love how real you are with this. I have 6 kiddoes and the hardest part about the chores is my making sure they get it done. It would be easier for me to do it myself, but it’s so important for them to have the responsibility. I’m hit or miss with it and I really want to do better with consistency.

  • Rob Jordan

    I remember Rachel and Denise from Brentwood High School. Great kids who worked hard and earned everything. Great to see you again. And Sharon always helped out at the school.

  • Rhonda eckes

    It was great to hear from Sharon! We only hear about her on the radio so it was nice to see here on the channel. Plus she has a sweet accent!

  • Susie

    Fun to see your mom and glad to know my slackers will turn out alright! I guess I did too- and I was a slacker too!

  • Houstons

    Beautiful spirit! Thank you for sharing your wisdom! We feel your presence when listening to Dave. Obviously we know that you two are a team. Thank you for being transparent so that we can learn from you.

  • Jodi

    I recently purchased this book and have read through the first two chapters thus far. Looking back, I feel like I made some pretty significant mistakes during the 8 years that I was a single mom. We’re in the process of recovering from some of those mistakes. This is seeming to come a little more easily for my younger 3. However, my older 2 aren’t seeming to grasp the financial wisdom or the work ethic that I am trying to portray to them. Is there any hope for my older 2 kiddos? (Ages are: 19, 17, 15, 13, & 11.)

  • perky

    That was adorable 🙂