Kids & Money

Parenting on Money

When teaching your kids about money it is important to know when should you rescue your child and when to let them fail and learn from their mistakes. Here is how to find the balance.


  • Mike

    Nice! I LOVE your videos and enthusiasm. Awesome work!

  • Randy

    The mom had the nerve to encourage him to save $300, bring him all the way to the store, and then say, “Oh gee, you forgot the tax…no Playstation for you!” Not a teachable moment…more like #6 on the “top 10 pointless ways to make my kid hate me” list.

  • Belinda Martinez

    YES! I agree love em so empowering & real keep it up !!!

  • Janel

    It seems odd to me that the mom supposedly taught them about money but neglected to teach the child about tax? I’ve listened to dave and he clearly tells parents to teach kids about taxes when they teach kids about money. When my kids (ages 6 and 8) are saving up for something I always have them write down the price and then we figure the tax so they know how much the REALLY need to save. Just a suggestion! ­čÖé But I agree, in that case, it was the moms error for not teaching about tax, so definitely her job to step up and pay the tax. How heartbreaking!