Kids & Money

Pictures from Amelia’s Birthday Party!

Here are a few pictures from Amelia’s first birthday! I am so excited to share these with you all!


  • holly

    Love hearing about you being a mom! I am about to have a little girl and I love hearing about being real and on a budget!

  • Cecy

    I love this Rachel! Five months before registering for Financial Peace, my husband and I spent $6,000.00 on our daughter’s first birthday. I think we wanted to impress all our family and friends. We didn’t enjoyed it at all because in our hearts we knew it was ridiculous. She doesn’t remember it at all and actually nap through mostly the whole party. Now, we talk about how foolish we were trying to keep up with the Joneses. Next month she’s turning 3 and we are just doing cupcakes at her school and taking her to see “Finding Dory”. Can’t wait to read your new book, because I have always struggle with comparisons.