Kids & Money

Start Teaching Your Kids About Money Now!

I review a study from Cambridge University that explains why parents should start teaching their kids NOW about how to handle money.


  • Mark Myrick


  • Chris

    I LOVE IT :0

  • Dave

    Is the book that you are currently working on with your dad going to contain practical how-tos on how best to teach my kids how to handle money well? I’m looking for really practical ways to teach them the importance of handling their money well, working hard, living on less than they make, staying out of debt, etc. etc.

  • Karen Baines Hobson

    Our family went through FPU when our children were 14 and 9…and we made them go. Somewhere along the way, the lessons just didn’t take especially with our daughter. She has no financial know-how, no idea how to handle money and no idea how to create a budget. I painstakingly took her through those steps as a mid-age teenager when she first got a checking account but she had no desire to be a “learner.” What now? Our son, well, he pays his bills, has only been overdrawn a couple of times and is generally pretty good at keeping his finances in check, but he’s not a good saver. Hopefully, he will get to that when he’s out of college and starts his career.

  • Walter

    Are you speaking from experience as a parent? As a Father of two, believe me, much easier said than done.

    • Derek Gruell

      As a Father of two myself, It sounds like to me you are making an excuse that its too hard. I am discounting the fact that parenting is hard. But don’t come to someone’s Vlog who is trying to give advice that she was taught by a pretty successful financial guy and discount her because she doesn’t have kids, maybe she waiting until she can financially support them, either way take your judging somewhere else.

  • Mother of 8

    This is awesome!