Kids & Money

Teaching Your Older Kids About Chores

Your preteens and teens should have more responsibility when it comes to work and money. So what should that look like?
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  • Kim

    Do you have a recommended amount to put into your kids account every month? How was that determined?

  • Sherry Hawks

    I am just starting my journey on thei total money makeover at 40. Do you have an recommendations for me to help my 16 year old son with learning to manage money and how to spend, save and give? I want to put him on a better track than I started out with. What boundaries do I set for him as far as money goes? He is not responsibile enough yet for a checking account.

  • Laurie

    Hi, I have a 20 year old son who dropped out of college. He can not be re-accepted into this state college for 2 years. He works 23 hours a week. We have asked him to either get another part time job or a full time job. He said that he is next on the list for a full time job but it could take months. He spends a lot of time with World of Warcraft and he has a different schedule. He gets up around 11:00 am and goes to sleep at 2:30. I am concerned. Do you have any suggestions