Kids & Money

The Rope

How do you build trust with your teenagers? Let me tell you the story of “the rope.”

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  • Samantha Hice

    My dad did the same thing! I remember when I moved out at age 18, my dad told me “Sammie, that’s a lot of rope…… don’t hang yourself with it”

  • Robbie

    Very cool Rachel!

  • PayneGang

    Similar to a kite analogy I use with my kids. You want the kite(kids) to fly and as the parent you have to let out the string….but sometime you have to pull the string in so the kite doesn’t crash.

  • Arwa Al-Turkait

    Rachel you are so charismatic and funny I think young girls especially will relate to you! My 10 year-old daughter is very aware of money and spending and would love to nurture that further. Why don’t you do videos that speak directly to the kids….tell them stories from your childhood they would be able to relate to.