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What Can Teens Do to Make Money?

Summer is almost here, and that means your teens might have a lot of free time. So what are some ways they can make a little extra money?

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  • Lynda Pelham Stefani

    My 15yo daughter, Lexi, has a cleaning business and “employs” her 13yo brother, Martin. My daughter started the business when she was 13. I created a color coded checklist for her which lets her clients know exactly what they are paying for and what has been done. When Lexi and Martin first started working together they would often fight, so we suggested ideas from EntreLeadership which changed their work relationship from boss/employee to team-members. It worked like a charm. Now, when they get in arguments it’s usually because Lexi is being “bossy” and not encouraging. I told her that if she could get along with and motivate her brother, she’ll be able to work with anyone! Lexi’s business has grown by word of mouth and she often has to turn down work because of her school schedule.n

  • Stacy Pierson

    There aren’t enough pet sitters out there. It’s a great job for a responsible teen. They can make good money and manage their own schedule. Once they get a few jobs under their belt, their name will spread like wildfire! I know…that’s how I got started 30 years ago. =)

  • Gina Hyde Jones

    We pay our kids to read books we pick for them! “How To Win with People” for example… they write a summary to show what they took away from it and we give $25.00 🙂

  • I’m in Michigan and own a few businesses. I could use some high school or college help!nnFeel free to contact me at

  • Candy Machines. This may take a little investment at first, but they are so easy and it teaches kids about passive income. Buy candy machines, place them and service them once a month. You have your own little employees there making money when you aren’t. Great summer job for your kids or for anyone looking to build a secondary income stream. One of the best parts, is that you can scale as you go, buying more machines as you become more profitable. 1-4 machines could give you gas money for the month for about 1 hr worth of work.

    • Lesa Brown Campbell

      Wes, this is a great idea but where would they “house” these machines? Unless I’m picturing the wrong thing (those vending machines you see in waiting areas etc) these wouldn’t be very portable. Would love to learn more as there are tons of kids in our neighborhood and this actually sounds like a great idea.

      • Robert Havasu Starkey

        I think he means the snack 4-candy turn style quarter machines, not big automated vending machines like soda machines.

      • Robert is right. I am talking simple quarter turn candy machines. They are not too expensive to buy, you can usually find some on craigslist. You can also partner with a charity and donate money to the charity every month in exchange for the use of their name when you go to place it. The pitch goes something like this, Hi, I have partnered with the “Charity of your choice” and I was wondering if you could donate a small space to help raise funds for their cause. Many proprietors will let you place it there free. nnnSeeing how this is for kids, you might even not have to partner. Many adults are encouraging and supportive of young entrepreneurs and could allow them to do it anyways. Building passive income when you are young is incredible. Good luck.

  • I have talked to kids on my website who have made their own summer camp for kids in their neighborhood. This girl and her friends did a 3 day summer dance camp. I think that kids could do whatever kind of summer camp they wanted. Even just a couple of hours one day. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just plan some activities and spread the word.