Kids & Money

When Teaching Your Kids About Money Is Hard

It’s easy to say that you’re going to teach your kids how to give, save and spend wisely . . . but it’s hard to actually do it when you’re always on the go. Here’s a little encouragement for you when those times strike!

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  • lzw

    I can so relate! I am teaching my 3 year old daughter how to make her bed. It would take me a minute to do.. but it takes her 10 minutes because she dawdles. BUT – I help her a little bit and she’s always so proud of herself when she’s all done and her room looks neat… And I love the big grin on her face when she puts her quarter in her piggy bank for making her bed. 🙂 She gabs non-stop about the “treat” she wants to get the next time we’re at the store.nn(We’re working on the commission thing…)

  • Sarah McKay

    I’ve never seen anyone else help their elementary school-age kids pay for something in a store. So when we did it with our boys, I felt a little embarrassed and like other people thought we were being hard on our boys…like “Why don’t those parents just shell out the cash..?” But I know the only way to teach them to pay for things is to go through the motions. They earned their money. I want them to know how it feels to enjoy using it.

  • Candb Mcfamily

    When I’m at the store I allow my 8-year-old daughter to pay AND she gives the cashier the coupons too! She watches the price go down 🙂 She’s so funny with money, she “assist” me with something around the house and says “hmm….I think that was worth a dollar…” trying to sneak in some commission! LOL! As a young child she helped clip coupons with me, and her preschool teacher even said, “she has the cutting thing down… she cuts right on the line.” I let the teacher know that at home she helps me clip the coupons and understands that it is money so be very careful with each coupon. As parents we want our children to be successful, understanding how to use money is the first step towards success. What others say doesn’t matter, just knowing that my daughter will be able to make smart financial choices in the future is my concern.