Kids & Money

You Still Have Permission To Parent!

As parents, you’ve made mistakes in life, and that’s normal. We all have. But don’t let your past problems affect your ability to parent. You still have permission to be the best parent you can be!

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  • Wally Jordan

    Pointing out my mistakes constantly to my in-college children has been one of the “healing process methods” for me to embrace the change of habits in my Total Money Makeover. As a parent it is one of our greatest responsibilities to teach by showing our mistakes thus offering “wisdom without experience” to our children.

  • Karen

    We’ve been through the FPU class and have listened on the radio. We’ve not been perfect because we almost always have credit card debt to some degree, but we lived on a lot less than either of our siblings could have because we’ve been frugal…and always paid our bills on time and provided our children everything they’ve needed. Our kids have grown up hearing us talk about saving, not buying on impulse, always pay bills on time, etc. We have one that does pretty well with money – doesn’t save like we wished he would but pays his bills on time and does consider what we say. And, we have one that has never been good with money and at age 27 still isn’t. I do believe she’s trying to be better now with her new job and paycheck, but she’s so behind from three years of not working that it’s going to take LOTS of time to catch up. I constantly encourage her to let me help her budget her money to make sure that she maximizes what she has, but so far she’s admament that she knows how to budget and make it work. Guess we shall see.