A new episode of The Rachel Cruze Show is here! Watch Now
A new episode of The Rachel Cruze Show is here! Watch it here.

Money & Marriage

Episode 1: Money and Relationships: It’s NOT Complicated

Enjoy Episode 1 of The Rachel Cruze Show, a 4-part video series that will teach you how to save money while loving your life.

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  • Katherine Haynie

    I LOVE Rachel Cruze!!!

  • Veronica Aiken

    Great show Rachel!

  • michellerudis

    I’m 20 with 42 years of experience and I didn’t think you could teach me anything. Boy, was I ever wrong! Loved the first episode, Rachel!!

  • Beth Cozzi

    I was waiting for you to add the beef layer, like Rachel did on “Friends”!

    • jamie

      Haha, me too! 🙂

  • Esther Garcia

    I loved the cooking conversation. Every couple of all income levels should budget talk!

  • Virginia Moser

    Rachel were you able to look at my Smart Money Smart Kids club program.