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I am so excited to announce a new tool that will help you find extra money!

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  • Amanda

    An 80 year old!? I LOVE your style! It’s up there with Kate Middleton!

  • Whoever told you that you dress like an 80 year old is crazy! But I do love the balayage! I think it’s one of the best investments for your hair in terms of color because it grows out in the best way so you can’t tell (I’ve had mine for almost 6 months!).

  • Ha, your hair looks great! Looking forward to seeing what money finding tips will be discovered!

  • Brigitte B.

    I got day 1…but not day 2….then I got day 3….hmmmm…
    should I sign up again???

  • Just got day 9 today missed 2-8 and was not in spam.

  • Laura Sanders

    I got day 1 no 2.

  • Sarah

    Registered 3 times but all I get is Day 1. 🙁