Real Life On A Budget

3 Budget Categories It’s Easy to Overspend On

Even though you budget each month, sometimes life happens. Here are three budget categories that are easy for me to overspend on . . . and how we deal with it in our budget!

I want to hear from you! What categories do you tend to overspend on? Tell me in the comments!



  • Tiffany Bisson

    I love spending money in crochet supplies, specifically yarn. I am usually able to just say no but it is my biggest downfall.

  • Nasya

    My house! I love home decor and upgrades!nI could spend all of my money at home improvement and home decor stores…thankfully my husband is more practical than I am… but I often compromise my clothing budget for my house budget.

  • Laurie

    Especially this time of year, school clothes. I have a 14 year old daughter, and a 16 year old son; and they both love new clothes.

    • Sara B.

      I was going to say the same exact thing, clothing! LOL

  • Lia

    On Amazon. Or any online shopping. That is why I usually place things in the cart and wait a day or two to decide if I really need that. Many things are usually deleted after some thought.

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Medical. ..medical. .oh… and the dental! !! It racks up quickly and is always an emergency. … Even with insurance, after copayment and coinsurance it is a dark hole of possible debt.

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Also, out to eat is huge for me because it quality time with family and friends. TRAVEL is also VERY important to our family, quality time and lots of lifetime memories ud83dude03

  • Michelle L. Snell

    Eating out is definitely an area we have to remain very focused on. Totally agree with Rachel. It’s how we spend “quality” time with family & friends. I almost feel like it is a part of the culture these days. Very dangerous if you do not budget!

  • Mendi Davis

    Eating out is also a problem in our budge

  • Erica Offenbecher McNicol

    Oh I relate!!! Hello! Especially overspending at Target….so I know that’s not a catagory so the catagories that I tend to overspend on….clothes for me….and…clothes for my 5 year old daughter. Next one is suppliments..I am a little bit of a natural freeK and suppliments aren’t cheep. My husband says if someone robbed our house they would have a goldmine in the vitamin/suppliments cupboard:)nLast one is grocery…..nThanks for info