Real Life On A Budget

3 Budget-Friendly Side Dishes

Here are three easy and budget-friendly side dishes to take to all of your holiday parties!


  • Nadia

    Rachel, this looks amazing but canola and sugar are totally not good for you; but girl I love your vlogs.

    • roscojim

      Who cares?? I eat what I like.

  • Dena Fox Sommers

    Sugar is horrible for your body so is canola oil which contains GMOs. I know budget is important and I follow you all but when it comes to food…it’s all organic. Either pay now or later. Sugar and carbs are the poor man’s food.

    • Bree

      Or skinny peoples food. People like Rachel and I don’t need to worry about having a bit of sugar or a boat load of pasta. Yay!

  • Ben W Fisher

    For me, these recipes are great ideas. I realize that sugar is not healthy for you, but when I can buy sugar at $2.38 for 4 pounds, it is a budget-friendly ingredient. Besides, her dressing is probably a lot better than the ranch I smother my salads with. I think this video is a little more geared towards those like myself that are stuck bouncing back and forth between baby steps 1 and 2. Thanks for the fun ideas, Rachel.