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3 Grocery Shopping Tips To Save You Money

Here’s how I save money when I head to the grocery store.

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  • Jeffers

    AllnThese ideas are great. They seem so simple but if you don’t make a list and follow it, you’ll get home and realize you just spent all your grocery money and have no real meals for the week. Thanks Rachel

  • Kristin Ingram

    I love generic brands! Also check out stores like Aldi and PriceRite. They have amazing prices everyday, way better than the generics at the grocery store.

    • Caitlin

      I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Aldi! Maybe I will check it out today!

      • Kristin Ingram

        You really should. The prices are amazing. You can’t get everything there but it’s a great place to buy staples.

        • Rebecca M. Lee

          We don’t have any of those stores around here

  • Kristy

    Many stores also have programs where if you buy store brands you get extra savings, or a portion can be allocated through their rewards program to a non-profit or school of your choice. Great way to save and help others!

  • Breanna

    You said some people shop at whole foods etc and buy organic and you went through that season of your life. What made you stop? I’m one to buy only organic and am just curious as to why you chose to stop. Thanks.

    • Bethani

      Ditto on the question… ūüėČ

    • golfingprincess make way to big of a deal out of eating “organic”. Here’s another great article: nn

      • blonde998

        It is one thing to eat “chemicals” that are natural to the food, it is a totally other thing to eat the man made “chemicals” that are harmful to our bodies…. it isn’t a choice for everyone, but it is a choice…… Please don’t be so condescending, golfingprincess…… everyone has the right to make their choices.

        • golfingprincess

          It’s not meant to be condescending. There are too many of these crunchy types who have zero understanding of chemistry talking about “yoga mat” material in bread and the like. That shows complete ignorance of science. When you take a logical, scientific, and NON-anecdotal look at the issue, it’s blown way out of proportion. Eat organic? Great. But the question was why someone wouldn’t and my response explained why someone would chose otherwise.

          • chatbot

            why someone wouldn’t is that they decided it wasn’t worth it.

  • Leona

    Good points. Please answer Breanna’s question I’m curiousnThank you

  • Marie

    The list is key & stick to it!