Real Life On A Budget

3 Simple Tips for Big Halloween Savings

Halloween is just one day. One day! So enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t pay for it when it’s over. Here are three (really four) simple tips to help you save.

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  • April

    Check Facebook for local sell or trade sites.

  • Tammy Brown

    Buy your costumes at garage sales

  • golfingprincess

    Visit the fleece remnant section at the fabric store. Usually the fleece is half off to start with, then another half off for being a remnant (under 1 yard or so) . It winds up being about $2 per yard. you can cut it into a million types of costumes and you don’t have to sew it because it won’t fray. Use a black piece to make bat wings. Use a white, tan and some red to make a piece of pizza. Make a cape of any color. Cut it into a vest to make yourself a cowboy. Cut it into spider webs. Fold it the long way, cut a head hole and decorate with a $1 bottle of puff paint to make yourself into a bag of candy, a bottle of ketchup, a book…. the list is endless.

  • Mary Gessner Padley

    One year I made a mouse costume for my son. I used my his grey sweatshirt and sweatpants, bought a few pieces of pink & grey felt, and a grey knit hat. I cut the pink and grey felt to make ears and sewed them (by hand) onto the knit hat. I used grey felt and made a tail filled with fiberfill (cotton balls work too) and then the belly was pink felt and stuffed under with fiberfill and attached the belly in the middle of the sweatshirt and the tail to the back of the sweatpants by machine! It was the cutest and EASIEST costume that I ever made for him!!!

  • rachel

    I just saw so many costumes at a thrift store I was at the other day! I don’t have kids, but thought that would be a great way to save money since you’re only using it for one day! 🙂

    • erika

      Yes! We bought one last year from goodwill for 50 cents! An entire costume that had nothing wrong with it. Was probably only worn once!

  • erika

    Last year for Christmas we got our son a dr. Kit. We are having a baby this month and I wanted to get him some big brother scrubs for visiting the hospital. I shopped around for awhile and got them during the store’s big half off everything event. For halloween, we are using his scrubs and dr. Kit for his costume. We also scored some free gloves, hat, and last from the hospital during one of the free baby classes. We also use his costumes year round for dress up, so it isn’t just a one-time use. n

  • Melissa

    I go to the goodwill and buy used costumes that look brand new!

  • Valerie Miller Richter

    Mummy: White thermal underwear, toilet paper, tape and white face paint.

  • Just love your enthusiasm and genuineness Rachel. Will be sharing these videos with the family and look forward to reading the book! Keep up the great work.

  • April

    My sister bought her daughter 6 costumes at thrift stores for a total of $17.50. She picked her two favorite for the two events they were going to and sold the other four costumes on ebay for a total of $46.00!!! It not only covered to cost of all the costumes it also covered the cost of admission for one of the events she was going to attend.

  • Catherine

    One year my son wanted to be a fireman IN a fire truck. Luckily, he had a rain jacket and boots that were for a fireman. I bought him some navy blue pants from Goodwill (maybe $2?), and he had a navy blue shirt that I used fabric paint on the back of to say our town’s name & FIRE-EMS on the back like our fire fighters wear. Then I got a box, cut a hole in it for him to step into, painted it red, added things from around the house (paper, glitter, mesh) to make it look like a fire truck, and even duct taped toilet paper tubes on the inside and taped little LED flashlights in there (with holes out the front) for his headlights. I used some leftover bias tape that I stapled inside the big hole in the box so he could wear it (criss-crossed in the back) over his shoulders and not have to hold it up all night. It was amazing!! The lights were a big hit and were also great for seeing once the son went down.

  • JohnH

    I save all kinds of money at Halloween by not celebrating it. 😉

  • Karen

    I agree with the homemade stuff. That’s what we did for our kids when they were little. My son was batman for 3 years in a row and Scream for 3 years in a row – but those were his choices because of that particular age and time of life. But, beware, girls are different – at least as my experience has been. My daughter was is and always will be high maintenance and she’s creating that same mindset in her own 8 year old. So, Rachel, fair warning, if you have a little girl just be ready for the drama and the case of “I wants.”

  • Jessica

    buy costumes the year before! we found a lady bug costume for $2.39 for my 2 year old now she was one last year. so she will be a lady bug again this year.