Real Life On A Budget

3 Things Every College Student Should Know

The end of summer is here! That means a lot of you will be heading off to college in the next month. Here are three things you need to know about money before you go.


  • Barry Rosell

    Hi Rachel; great message, ‘shared’ on FB with my four oldest kids (3 in college next year, one in another two years). It is easy to say ‘stay away from loans’, but what do you do if you a) are trying to teach your kids independence (even though we’re helping w/ a fixed amount per year) by putting themselves through school, and b) my wife and I both have JOBS, (I’m an engineer, never rich, never hungry…) and NO financial “NEED”….. thus only the FORD loan is even offered to them? One son has been able to get an academic scholarship for 1/2 tuition, but the rest have not, and jobs/hours have not been easy to find, (w/ no work study campus jobs due to no financial ‘need”, in most cases. Don’t know how to help them help themselves! nEspecially when you really want them to be able to attend a Christian school. Besides working as much as you can (when you can find work! Which brings with it the cost of car/insurance/parking, if you can’t get on-campus jobs!) and obviously being THRIFTY as you said, I don’t know how they can do it without loans, or without “mommy and daddy” paying tuition for them, beyond the ‘contribution’ we agreed to for each already. Suggestions?