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3 Things You Should Buy in the Summer

Summer is here and that means summer sales! Here are three things to keep an eye out for!


  • Lynsey Enlow

    My sister and I went to a grab bag event over the weekend. It was a fun bonding moment, plus we got $150 worth of clothes for the two of us, plus our little brother, for only $20!

  • Verlee

    I bought 2 pairs of shorts online that were on sale, because I loved the pair I bought late last summer on sale, and my size wasn’t in the store. And, buying them online saved me another 25 percent off per pair!! Dave would be proud of me.

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Just a reminder…. the time is NOW for your Christmas shopping! Target is having their once per year markdown clearance sale on their toys…woohoo! I just got about $500 worth of toys for $150.00. Reminder, make sure to use the additional 20% off clearance toys coupon on Target Cartweel smile emoticon Trust me, when it hits November and all your Christmas shopping is done and DEBT FREE you enjoy the holidays MUCH more!!!