Real Life On A Budget

3 Tips for Buying a Car!

Car buying and maintenance are some of the biggest expenses you’ll ever have. Here are three tips to guide you before you make a purchase!


  • Karen Baines Hobson

    All good points and I definitely do not disagree. My SUV is 11 years old – purchased new in 2004. I did save that car payment for a couple years and then life happened and we had to use some of it. Then we built a house 4 years ago and had to figure out the new budget and just wasn’t putting money back for a new car any longer…my fault, we could have been.

  • Danny Coggins

    how do you pay cash for a car? We did it by continuing to put our car payment, after it was paid off, in a savings account. It was fun to watch the money grow, and once it got to the amount so we could pay cash for a car, we began to shop. It usually took us better than a year, because car shopping became a bit recreational. We didn’t buy until our family needs changed or the cost of maintenance made it better to get a different vehicle.

  • Eastern Motors

    Rachel!!! This is super true. “New to you…Is good enough! everyone gets so caught up in the latest but don’t realize that the NEW car they decided to purchase looses at least 25% in value as soon as it leaves the lot.