Real Life On A Budget

3 Tips to Avoid Overspending This Christmas

Here are my top tips for holiday spending and how I use the EveryDollar App to stay on budget.


  • Melanie

    EveryDollar app is not available for androids. So, what’s a good substitute?

    • Nicki

      I love YNAB! It has an app that syncs with your desktop through drop box.

      • Melanie

        What is YNAB?

        • dredzo

 I use it too. It’s not free, but it downloads info from banks for free It follows the Ramsey principles fairly closely, but has a goal of making your money in one month and budgeting it for the next, which leaves a cushion and makes it very easy to budget for the upcoming month.

        • repoman

          It is an awesome application and I use it in conjunction with a budget spreadsheet. Only because I use YNAB to budget my weekly paychecks, however, the spreadsheet gives me a monthly snapshot of each of the categories I plan to spend for. Then my spreadsheet will breakdown the percentages dollar amounts for each category based on the paycheck I received only because our paychecks vary a bit week to week; not to mention some months have 4 pay periods and others have 5. The SS is the blueprint for the month and YNAB is an register to make sure I don’t go over in the categories during the week & month. HTH

  • Sabrina Lynn Chrismond Brewer

    Look for Dave’s Christmas Budget app.