Real Life On A Budget

3 Ways to Save When Planning Your Wedding

With the holidays over, some of you might be looking ahead to your wedding this year. If that’s you, don’t let your wedding make you bankrupt! Here are three ways you can save money while planning your wedding.


  • CVE

    Wildflowers! What a great idea. I’ve never thought of that.

  • Anslie DeFalco

    We had our wedding for under $5000 that included dresses for the girls. Rooms for the wedding party,catering, photographer, cakes, honeymoon, my dress and tuxes for groom, fathers and ringbarier!!!!

  • Morgan

    We had a potluck-dessert reception. Not only did it save money on food (we provided drinks and some salty snacks), but it also made the day much less stressful (No RSVP, no problem, just bring some food to share). It also meant that we were able to invite 300+ people rather than 120 people or so if we had a meal.

  • Danica VanBeek

    Random question, but is the sweater you are wearing in this from Target? It looks like a maternity sweater that I have seen there that I absolutely LOVE. ­čÖé

  • Danica VanBeek

    Wedding – we saved big on flowers by finding a location that was beautiful on it’s own. Also, we did an cocktail reception with appetizers galore! Much less expensive than a sit down dinner and everyone had a blast and no one left hungry.

  • Jenn

    We did our entire wedding for $5000 and it was a weekend wedding in the woods. We provided BBQ on Friday night, a catered meal Saturday & breakfast Sunday morning. One of the big ways we saved was we didn’t do a cake. We did pies. We talked to the local culinary school and got each pie for $6. For 12 pies we only paid $72. Also for centerpieces, I had everyone save glass jars (spaghetti, pickle, you name it!), spray painted the tops and filled them with layers of different color beans. Tied them with some raffia and put three jars and some pinecones on the tables. Total cost $45. Another money saving tip: for save the dates we sent out postcards through you can customize them, and they’ll mail them for you & they frequently send out coupons.

  • Courtney

    Thank you for this! I’m currently planning for my own wedding and I’m so glad you talked about the dress!!!! I ended up visiting 2 bridal salons and the last place was a consignment store. EVERYTHING UNDER $400! It’s a great place to go to find “inexpensive”, GORGEOUS gowns — and some are ALREADY taken in! I’ll be looking into the Wedding Chapter in the book!

  • donna mccoy

    Random question as well…where can I find that lamp? Love it!

  • Jess

    Our entire wedding (including the honeymoon cruise tickets) was $3,000. We got discounted fake flowers from Michaels and I found all kinds of things at the Dollar Tree – classy vases, little bags for favors, white flower petals. I bought a couple boxes of purple petals with coupons from craft stores and mixed them with the cheap white ones (1/3 the color I wanted of purple, and it still looked good). My mom is super crafty and made my bouquet with fabric flowers she created. She also made our cake and cupcakes (she can decorate like a pro). We had the wedding and reception at our home church and didn’t have to pay site fees. I created CDs and had a friend play songs at appropriate times – no dj fees. We valued saving money over having a fancy day and we have never regretted that choice. We have beautiful pictures, it was a wonderful day. And we were able to afford our home and it’s needed repairs so we are not living under a financial burden now.

  • Tiffany Murphy

    I wanted a short dress for my wedding and was having a very hard time finding one. In the end I found the perfect dress for me that was a BRIDESMAIDS dress!!! Almost every bridesmaid dress can be ordered in white or ivory and I saved a ton! $175 for my perfect wedding dress!