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3 Ways to Stay Stylish While You’re Expecting

When you’re pregnant, you don’t have to allow maternity clothes to bust your budget or ruin your sense of style. Here are my tips to help you look great while you’re expecting.
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  • Iryssa

    I’ve pushed out two and I have two words for you: Yoga. Pants. nnFrom Lulu Lemon. nnI know, I know, they’re SO expensive. But even if you just buy one pair that you love, it’s roughly $100, but their fabric is AMAZING and will recover from the stretching, and will last for YEARS if you take good care of them (follow their washing instructions)! Mine that I bought while I was pregnant with my first are 7 years old now, and they’ve only just gotten to the point of being pilly and worn looking in the last year or so (I wear them on laundry day now 😉 ). So that’s about $15/year, as opposed to spending $25 on cheaper ones every year (no one use this advice as a reason to go buy tonnes of expensive clothes all the time!! The key is lasting quality so that you’re NOT buying clothes all the time). You will probably wear these for the entire last month or two of your pregnancy. lolnnIf it’s your first and you plan on having more babies, now is the time, if ever, to invest in some good pieces that will last through multiple pregnancies. Pretty much anything made out of quality jersey material, especially long shirts, a couple pairs of basic pants and a wrap-style dress (you probably won’t need more than one, unless you wear dresses every day) in neutral colours. If you’re buying through maternity stores, look for lines that are meant to carry over into postpartum. They tend to use more resilient fabrics that are still comfy but won’t hang onto a stretch, and they won’t be difficult to nurse in. nnMake a list before you go out. Stick to it, make sure you have good basics. Take care of your maternity clothes so you don’t have to buy new ones for subsequent pregnancies, and if they’re still in great shape after *that*, you can even re-sell them at consignment stores or moms’ groups (check Facebook for local buy and sell pages!) Which brings me to another point: There are ALWAYS women on those buy and sell pages selling maternity clothes. They go fast, so keep your eyes open, but you can score some great deals that way (and potentially still get your quality investment pieces, but at a much better price point).nnThose belly bands are great for expanding your wardrobe up until the 7th month or so, but I don’t know that I would own more than one, in black. nnIf you’re pregnant through the summer or live in a warmer clime than I do, you can get away with a lot more wardrobe-sharing with your normal clothes, because empire-waist dresses, maxi dresses of all kinds, and skirts with elastic waistbands will pretty much last you the entire pregnancy and beyond.

  • Iryssa

    One final thing: Nursing bras. Yes, I recommend them, no I don’t recommend more than one or two until after the baby has been born and you know your new size…because while they tell you at the store to buy the same size, it just hasn’t worked for any women I’ve known. Breasts change A LOT during nursing and pregnancy, and not just size but the shape of bra you need to wear too. So just buy a couple comfy ones ahead of time, then go get your REAL ones after you’ve settled into a good nursing routine. You’ll survive, trust me, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money over trying to guess ahead of time.

  • JoJo

    I’m on my third pregnancy and the first two were during summer, so this is my first winter pregnancy. I was sad I had to get more maternity clothes, but this time around I went to a nicer second had kids clothing store and they had an awesome selection of maternity clothes. I was able to get 2 pair jeans, 2 sweaters, 1 shirt, and 1 dress for about $40! They were all in wonderful condition, better than the clothes I’ve been wearing the other two pregnancies. One even still had the tag on it. Plus I have new to me clothes so I just feel better about my worn out maternity options. 🙂

  • ashley

    Old navy clearance maternity is the best. For about $35 shipped I got 3 shirts, 2 dresses and something else can’t remember now if it was a skirt or shorts. One of the dresses I still wear because it was just a regular wrap dress that could grow and shrink with me.