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4 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring!

It’s engagement season! With families getting together over the holidays, it’s a great time to propose to your special someone. So, for you guys out there, I’ve put together 4 tips for buying an engagement ring.

The Fathom Event has already happened but thanks so much for watching this vlog!


  • Timothy

    I’m a guy and just bought mine! 2 months of salary all paid with by cash!

  • Morgan

    Also you can consider non-diamond options. My engagement ring is a sapphire, and I know that it cost my husband much less, and I like it better than diamonds. (He was able to splurge on better metal because the gem was a better price.)

    • That’s a great tip, too!! Definitely a smart move by your husband!

    • Cynthia

      I wanted our birthstones, my garnet with his amethysts on the sides. I definitely recommend non-diamonds as an option. There’s lots of colorful stones out there!

  • Ashley

    Already got my tickets!

  • Malorie

    My boyfriend and I did Financial Peace University together BEFORE we were engaged, so when we started talking marriage, I asked for a ring that he could pay for with ONE paycheck… not two or three months salary, but ONE PAYCHECK. Finishing Baby Step 2 is WAY more important to me than any fancy diamond ring!! My ring is white gold with peridot (green is my favorite color!) and some little baby diamonds on each side. It was less than $300 and we picked it out together on =D Engagement rings do not have to be fancy or expensive!! As long as it’s meaningful to you, that’s what counts. <3

    • JohnH

      I’ll second this one. Saved a fortune buying it on Cyber Monday on and got a one-of-a-kind ring that my fiancee (now wife) loved and all her friends were jealous of. I was able to get a two-month salary ring for only one-month’s salary. I’m a little disappointed Rachel didn’t address online ring shopping in this video. (Great tips otherwise!) P.S. My wife and I also did FPU before even talking about engagement and are very glad we did!

  • Jenny from Germany

    I’d think I’d kill my boyfriend if he would buy that kind of expensive ring ūüėČ 2-3 months worth of salary is an awful lot of money. INMO half a months salary is more than enough. It’s about two people getting to spend the rest of their lifes toghether and not material things.

  • Dale

    Great information Rachel! I wish you were single!

  • Diana

    Diamonds are going to get way cheaper soon. Diamonds are just carbon atoms arranged in specific order, scientists are making them even out of peanut butter! Check this link at PBS. time, the process of making diamonds will get cheaper and diamonds will be as cheap as glass. Because there is no way to distinguish between diamond that is manmade and natural ones, buying them is a huge mistake. My husband was glad to marry me, I just asked for a gold ring with absolutely no stones. Gold is a element, it cant be made by humans, and it will always be valuable.

  • Brianna

    Yes yes yes!! My (now) fiancu00e9 and I had taken FPU before he proposed and now again after we’ve been engaged just because we love it so much! He brought his cash to purchase the ring and the woman at the store was so shocked that a 21 year old was buying an engagement ring in cash so she gave him her employee discount (around $400 cheaper)!

  • Calc

    Two months salary is too much. There are many more productive ways to spend that money. Once the ring is on the finger, nobody ever looks at it under a microscope. Everyone just casually looks at it and describes how great it looks; or how big it is. The quality, color and clarity are only compared under a microscope by jewelers; not the friends that you are trying to impress.

  • Christiaan Botha

    Costco has the cheapest best quality rings and they have a return policy.

  • Janette

    You are hilarious, Rachel. I love your videos!!