Real Life On A Budget

An Easy Way to Get More Money in Your Wallet Today

Here is a tip to help you add more money back in your wallet today. And it doesn’t include getting another job!


  • Tara

    Another option: go halfsies! I share Netflix with my parents, so we just pay $4/mo each!

  • Amy

    The car wash has a deal for 32.95 for unlimited car washes! Each deluxe wash with tire shine is $14.95. However, I don’t use it even twice a month. Time to cancel.

  • Kimberly

    I cancelled our monthly Satellite subscription. We already have netflix and so I’ll be saving $66.00 A Month!!

  • Sonja

    Cancelled Netflix, but I’m keeping my shakeology!!

  • Paige

    I thought I couldn’t cancel cable either. We don’t miss it much. We paid $112 a month for satellite. We spend a small fraction of that on Sling to get some shows.

  • Cindy David

    I need to cancel satellite tv and not pick up any new provider. Not only does it cost way too much, most of the shows we watch are on regular tv! Even more important…don’t watch tv and go do something fun with the family.

  • Ron

    You won’t miss cable,I promise!

  • Ron

    Canceled cable and home phone 6 months ago and got Netflix!! Saved almost $90 a month!! Used it to pay off our last credit card!! Great advice!! Thanks!!

  • Glory

    I actually don’t have any monthly subscriptions. Not Netflix or cable or even satellite and yes I have kids. I do own lot of DVDs though. I only buy what we watch over and over and with two girls that’s easy all I really need is Frozen, Tangled and Lego superhero movies. Not having subscriptions I’ve found can cause you to look for other means of entertainment and if you’re not careful can be costly.

    • Jessica

      Hahaha! We do the same thing! Disney + Veggie Tales + Old Musicals. Husband and I have a couple shows that we watch religiously (Downton Abbey), but we just download those as we need them. Saves $$ big-time!

  • We finally broke down a few months ago and broke the chains of cable tv! We decided to go with the amazon fire stick and it’s been wonderful. No more commercials, easier remote, and with amazon prime you unlock thousands of great movies for free!

  • Cory

    Check out Slingtv instead of cable! 20 / month instead of the big cable bill!

  • KB

    We also don’t have cable or Netflix, but use the library to get DVDs we want to see. It’s free and our library even purchases DVDs we ask for if they don’t have them. They figure if we want to see them, so will other people.

    If we really want a magazine subscription for our children or ourselves, we put it on a Christmas wish list. We’ve found Grandparents love to get subscriptions for their grandkids. Just be sure to let them know when to cancel, when the kids outgrow the magazine or aren’t reading it anymore!

  • Sarah

    I had to cancel our Love with Food boxes. They just weren’t worth the money.

  • Heather

    Amazon Prime. This is expensive and only used a few times a year. I have friends and family who will let me use their account. Why am I paying for one? This will be cancelled.

  • Michelle Salas

    We have Amazon prime, Netflix and Hulu! I feel Like i need them all but obviously I don’t!