Real Life On A Budget

Breaking Down the Baby Steps

One of the best ways to take control of your money situation is by using The Baby Steps. Here’s my take.

What baby step are you on?


  • Mike Henke

    Great video! A video blog entry might be about the books in your book shelves and recommended reading.

  • linda

    We’re on baby step 2 and we have been for about a year. In 2013 we paid off $8,000 in debt, cash-flowed our wedding ($5000), cash-flowed college tuition ($2000) and cash-flowed about $1500 in home repairs. We’re hoping to pay off another $20,000 in student loans in 2014 and finish our debt-snowball next year. Thank you Rachel for being so inspirational!

  • Lauren

    Hi Rachel! LOVE your videos and the baby steps. One quick question on 401k… How much should I be contributing while we are paying down debt? Just enough to get the employer match or more?