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Budget Makeover! – Jessica

In this budget makeover, I sit down with Jessica to take a look at her finances! Jessica loves to find good deals and tracks her spending very well on a calendar. Watch as I show her how to not only track what she is spending but plan ahead of time using an EveryDollar budget!


  • Brian Wasserman

    I signed up with EveryDollar after it was suggested in your book, and it sends me at least one e-mail a day. Some of these e-mails are trying to get me to spend money, which makes me think that perhaps Rachel Cruz has some financial stake in getting people to use EveryDollar. If another edition of the book is published, I feel that Rachel’s relationship with EveryDollar should be made clear, and it should be pointed out that you can make your own budget with a pen and paper, which might even save you money since e-mails from EveryDollar could lead you to spend money on something you really do not need to spend money on. It seems to me like a conflict of interest to promote a product that wants to make money off of the consumer in a book about saving money, especially when you are showing people how to save money on their own so that they do not have to rely on paying other people to do it (which might end up costing them more money).

    • JAH

      1. We have used ED since the first day it launched. We use the bank connectivity (pay-based) version, but you do NOT need the connectivity for it to work perfectly. Honestly, we input most transactions manually anyway and use the imports as a “check”. Most quality budgeting tools charge something, either for the program or the connectivity to banks. Mint is an exception, but it also blitzes you with credit card and other ads. No thanks. Bottom line: You don’t need to have ED Plus for it to change your life!

      2. Most people who come to this site know that Rachel Cruze is Dave Ramsey’s daughter and that she’s employed by Ramsey Solutions, the company of EveryDollar. That’s not a conflict of interest–it’s consistency of message and smart business strategy.

      3. Both Rachel and Dave champion ED–rightly so, because it IS the best budgeting tool on the planet–but also talk about using paper and pencil. In fact, Dave often will prompt people to do that as a first exercise, and it’s what is emphasized in FPU.

      4. Unsubscribe from the emails if you feel like they’re tempting you to spend. I get them too and don’t feel at all like that’s the case. But, we’re also in control of our budget and then let the budget take control of us. So, maybe I filter out spending messages when my budget tells me no?

  • Mohsin Chichu Bhatti

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  • Mohsin Chichu Bhatti

    I love it