Real Life On A Budget

Chris Brown on Giving While in Debt

I am so excited to have Chris Brown, of Chris Brown’s True Stewardship, here to answer a question I get all the time: Should I give while I’m trying to get out of debt? Hear more from Chris Brown on!

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  • American Person

    True story! 🙂 Even though it’s been very hard for us to continue our church giving even while we wrestle with paying down several different debts, God has blessed us in so many ways as a result of that giving that we could’ve NEVER even conceived of or planned for! He is great, and he provides, period. Thanks for the great video!

  • Jennifer

    Love this! I also think that there’s always going to be other things you can spend your tithe money on. Practicing this while you’re paying off debt will allow you to continue to give back after you’re out of debt.

  • Jonathan D. Jordan

    Love this! But, if my rent is due and I am in danger of being evicted and have my tithe’s still to give. Should I use the tithe money to pay the outstanding debt on my rent or should I pay my tithe’s instead?

    • If your rent is due and you don’t have enough to pay it, you might need to reevaluate if you can afford where you’re living. If you make $2,000/month, and your rent is $1,400, that’s not going to work. If you’re behind every month (and you’ve already stopped overspending), then you might need to look for a cheaper place or get a roommate to share expenses. If you just had an emergency and can’t pay the bill, take your car and go deliver pizzas ASAP to get the cash to make rent. Then create a budget where giving is at the top of the budget, not the bottom. Take care of your four walls immediately (food, shelter, utilities and transportation). Get yourself down to a BARE BONES budget while you’re getting back on track with your rent (and getting out of debt!)! Good luck!

  • Linda

    Why is living on 90% [God’s Way] always stated when the government takes approximately 30% off the top (sometimes more). Recently we had an employee bonus and 40% was TAX at the get-go. We tithed on the gross, but were left with 50% of the gross to take care of home/car repairs. That’s not living on 90%.

    • Jonny Lupus

      “give to Caesar what is Caesar’snand give to God what is God’s”