Real Life On A Budget

Christmas Is Not an Emergency

Can you believe Christmas is only three months away? I can’t! Here’s some tips on how to prepare your budget.


  • Jamie Mack

    Like a lot of people I’m getting a 3rd paycheck this month. I’m pulling $500 of that for Christmas and the rest is going to my debt snowball!

  • Summer Calendine

    YES! Christmas isn’t an emergency! I’ve already started saving. On top of that of my 4 kids, 3 of them have birthdays within a week before or after Christmas! You have to make a budget to handle all that!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    We have 3 teens and have given them a Want, Wear, Need & Read for Christmas. Saves money and stress.

    • Pat Buckley

      Great Idea!

      • Kierstin VanScoten Weber

        Just like it says– they get one gift they want, one gift they need, one gift they can wear and one gift they can read. It’s fun!!

        • Helen Sefton

          Four gifts, I couldn’t get away with that!!

    • Kierstin VanScoten Weber

      We have kids ages 9,8,4 &3 and do the same thing every year! They even write in their letter to Santa ideas for the 4 categories. The we (Mom & Dad) get them each 1 fun, not expensive item from their want list too. n

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Best advice from a Couponer: SHOP EARLY! All my Christmas gifts were already bought in July/Aug! Many retailer have HUGE discounts on toys, clothes…ect… in summer. I spent about $100.00 for over $500.00 worth of toys, clothes…ect… 🙂 It’s really about timing and hiding. When it’s time for the holiday’s I am not stressed and ENJOY the events 🙂 Always a debt free Christmas!

    • Helen Sefton

      Good idea.